Is Kooky Conservative a Style??

Scarf : Stein Mart
Jacket: Macy’s
Jeans: Coldwater Creek
Blouse:  I honestly cannot remember
Boots: Stein Mart

OK…all of you who have waited for it to finally get cold in my part of the world…you got it!! The cold front tormenting the majority of the country has arrived in deep South Texas and the wind chill is brutal!!

But, I refuse to let that dampen my spirits…that is why today…I wore an outfit that is a style I call KOOKY CONSERVATIVE…inspired by Bella at…… Who was inspired by Angeline @…… who…. well, I honestly do not know who inspires Angeline!!

I love mixing patterns…but I warn you when you start mixing…some people will think you dressed in the dark!! A fashionista known for mixing- of- style & patterns needs to be a very confident, bold person in order to pull off the look! This is the artistic fun of styling when the designer within us all, peeks out from under the covers. Also, I was happy to learn that this “mixing up style” will continue to be a trend for Spring/Summer 2011.

I am not completely convinced that my look works for others…but I like it for me!! I took this scarf into my closet and held it up against several blouses and this one won the challenge!! Then I threw this pinstriped jacket on top for the conservative touch…VOILA KOOKY CONSERVATIVE!  Fashion should be creative and fun…and warm!!

Here’s to you, Bella!!


  1. And the pinstripe adds a third pattern! Fantastic!

    I think it works because neither pattern is competing for attention. You look great!

  2. You are so cute! I like your kookiness! Isn't fashion about being brave? And about not being afraid of taking risks in life?! Also, it's about being honest b/c we should dress according to what we feel inside and not worry about what's expected of us and so on.
    Thanks again for your sweet comment.

  3. I adore the look and the pattern mixing! I wear mixed patterns to my office job all the time. Nobody says much about it at all! (That's either good or bad…. hmmm… haha, regardless I don't care! hehe!)

  4. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I LOVE the look. You honor me with the inspiration, and I really like the mix. The scarf and the pink band on the hat add soooo much personality to what could easily be conservative office wear, that it makes me appreciate the solemn lapels, and the cut of the jacket all the more. You know I am a big fan of prints and the challenge they give to mixing it up. YOU do it quite well, Pam, Thumbs up! -Bella Q
    the Citizen Rosebud

  5. I Love love the look! Bella is so cool! Kooky conservative is such a great description and you are just blowing me away with your look today!! I love the way you mixed the patterns and textures…Very nice. I have been missing reading your emails! I have got to write again because you are pretty amazing.

  6. I adore these little kooky touches! If I spot someone wearing a standard suit with a really bright scarf or unusual piece of jewellery it always catches my attention. It's like a much cooler version of those men who wear novelty ties; shows you wanna look good but not too conservative! 🙂

    Besides nothing beats picking up a new gorgeously patterned scarf – I figure I should really have a different one for every day of the month but I don't really have the space (or funds!) ♥

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