Jacket, Pants, Bracelet: Lane Bryant
Tank, earrings: Stein Mart

Hi, I’m Pam.

I’m very Texan. Love my husband and children. Love to write. Love to teach. Love public speaking. Love music. Love candles. Ok, OK …I admit I love the cat. I obviously love fashion……

There are many facets which make up Pam.

Growing up in Midland, TX, I did not care about numbers….just ask my math teachers! In high school, I was confident and focused. The Editor In Chief of the high school newspaper, assistant editor of the yearbook, and a competitive persuasive speaker on the speech team….I just did not have time to worry about numbers, as so many young girls do today.

The number 30 began to bug me, because I was not married and my mother kept telling me I was weird. But, shortly after that, I married Mr. Bear (so there mother). I do not remember caring about numbers until I was a mother of three. Suddenly, I was the oldest mother in my kids age groups….I was one of the largest mothers….I was one of the poorest mothers. Number stress set in. I think that is why in my late 40s, I began to shut down. The numbers were overwhelming and I spent time taking care of everyone but me…because the numbers were not in my favor!  Comparisons are often very deadly.

My wakeup call came when I turned 50 (you can read about it in my very first post July 2010). I have enjoyed seven glorious years not focusing on numbers. Accepting myself for who I really am, and returning to the strong, confident Pam of high school. Not defined by any number. I can usually spot “number stress” in the eyes of women around me or in their words….. those who constantly tear themselves down and dress as if they just do not care what people think. I can usually tell when they are hurting and hiding….because I have been there.

However, I now have to find a happy balance between the confident Pam and the one who listens to the doctor. NUMBERS from a blood test scream that I must care about numbers again.

I am 57

I am overweight

I do have occasional high blood pressure

I do have high cholesterol

I do have a Vitamin D depletion

I do have wacked out hormones (my hysterectomy was in the late 1990s)

I must make changes or suffer the consequences. Today, I have started a ridged-doctor-supervised-diet. I am now taking lots of supplements and doing some special things with hormones. This will not be easy, but I trust that prayer will get me through.

It is important to me that my readers know that I am making changes in my life for health reasons and not because I want to look a certain way….or because I am comparing myself to others on the blogs…or because I am seeking to gain acceptance from anyone…I am doing this to be healthy!!!

I will be happy to blog some of my experiences…..good and bad. I do not really know what lies ahead as I walk through this….but we will see. Encouragement from others will be helpful!

I just started my day with black coffee, Egg Beaters (Southwestern Style was surprisingly good) and Nature’s Own Toast sprayed with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (Honestly, I can). So here we go…..

I am still Pam. I am a woman of strength and dignity. Not defined by numbers….but seeking to be a healthy woman as well!!

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