The One Reason I Bought It

On Sale $11 Jacket: Stein Mart
Print Blouse: Lane Bryant
Brown Trousers: Coldwater Creek
Shoes: Marshall’s
Steve Madden Belt: Ross

After working in public relations for a few years, I know there are many studies to tell retailers the buying habits of women. Researchers are constantly seeking….what is the one factor motivating you to purchase a particular piece?

I often attempt to chart a pattern in myself, and I know that some patterns presently exist whereas, before I hit my 50s, I was all over the map with my reasons to buy. After working in the industry, I am much more aware of the techniques used to motivate a purchase…it might be the display or the music on the sound system, but all of us, at various times, are pretty much manipulated by marketers in one fashion or another.

I thought of this today when I dressed for work, because I bought this top for one reason only….I loved the print!! Fortunately, the top fit well and has versatility, but I loved this print so much….I probably would have purchased it any way. I gravitate toward these colors: purple, rust, black, brown, and military green as my favorites. But, in the past year, I have attempted to add more variety so that I am not in a rut.

Buying habits?? Sometime, when I am not planning weddings, I might do some research on our 50+ age group and see if I can draw any conclusions!!


  1. I never have followed any instructions by the gods of fashion, so you can imagen I am not going to start now. I follow, in most things in life, maily my own heart.

  2. Great top and I think your research project is definitely one for after the wedding!
    I am afraid you might not find much data out there on the clothes shopping habits of older women though.
    We are a forgotten lot!
    Where is our Forever 41????

  3. pretty colors indeed! That is what kills me about Anthropologie – the smell, the music, the decorations, they are reeling people in – you just love it in there so much you want to buy, buy, buy! I work hard to notice these things though and teach my children not to be "made merchandise of" – and to keep their eyes open to marketing ploys!

  4. What a fantastic print! I have been drawn to watercolor prints lately! they are so fresh, add dynamics to the outfit.

    Reasons why I buy? Because I love. The shop, to shop, the price, the item. And how it looks on me.

    I could shop for a living. Well, at least try.

  5. Yes, do a post on what marketing studies suggest about buying patterns! My only observation is that years ago working in a bookstore, we could definitely change the customers browsing patterns based on the music we played. Leon Redbone brought out something in them we rarely saw.

  6. Hi there you Vitamin D deprived lady!!!
    Did your doc put you on the "latest thing"
    A mega-dose of 50,000 iu's of D once per week,
    then 1000 mg a day forever?
    it actually worked ( last year )
    but she is making me do it the hard way this time.
    Actual sunshine, keep on dosing 1000 mg a day, diet / exercise ( Hubs is now on Zocor 😉
    I live on sugar, but am gonna give our health some much needed priority.
    i may soon be doing posts on women's health care issues, NOT 😉
    Your blog is getting so great and I am so proud of you! I am considering a summer break, but we'll see. I am such a photo hog, I don't really see that happening!
    thanks for the well wishes. I spoke with my Mom who sounded great yesterday, and I slept the sleep of a 2 yr old last night!

  7. The blouse looks like a painting–you could frame it if it doesnt fit! I agree with you–I have gotten better–I make a list of needs and try to stay focused…try…and try some more!

  8. The print is beautiful! I love how it looks with the navy blazer.

    I try to only buy things that I really need, but sometimes I will see something that I just HAVE to own and that's usually the piece I wear the most!

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