Spring 2011 Floral Trends
Flowy Jacket: Thrifted
Floral Blouse: Kohls
Red Cami: Chicos
Jeggings: Lane Bryant
Headband: Target
BOC Floral Sandals: Marshalls

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

On to our clothing! It is the second feminine touch for the Spring 2011 Floral Trends I wanted to discuss. I am a typical girl…I love a floral touch. But another look I also love is the “artist-smock-look.” I know it features an oversized garment and that is a no, no…but I have always loved this look of a long, flowy jacket. I saw it featured again in the April 2011 Harper’s Bazaar…and I would love to find these colors.

April 2011 Harper’s Bazaar

But, back to the flower garden…the great thing about the floral look, like the lace is that it is usually in…but just like the lace, we have to watch it or the matronly look will take over. I think I will avoid most of the head to toe floral looks featured in some of the magazines…and I will probably avoid the floral jackets. But, a tank or T shirt, dress, blouse, or scarf might be the perfect ways to follow the trend.

Bracelet: Premiere Jewelry
Ring: Lane Bryant

Thanks to Susan at Flattering 50 for the Versatile Bloggers Award. I am about to leave town for the rest of the week, so I will answer the questions and pass this a long over the weekend.  It is an honor to be noticed!!

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