Carissa Rose Pintuck Blouse in Indigo
Black Pencil Skirt: Dillards
Pearl Necklace: Kohls
Scarf: Ann Taylor Loft
Pearl Bracelet: Premiere Jewelry

It’s exciting to find designers who actually understand the challenges of a full figured woman and want us to look our best. Carissa Rose out of Dallas is one of those designers. Take a look at the ad from yesterday’s JCPenney’s circular! Typically these are the types of options retailers offer a curvy woman over 50. This is a crime!

So wrong on so many levels!!

Now, look at the blouse I am wearing with my pencil skirt! The structure and fit is incredible!! After I opened the box and looked the blouse over, my first thought was that all of the hook & eye closures would not be worth the time….believe me, they are worth the time! I can remember the day that one of my students thought I had missed buttoning my shirt because it was gaping open…I hadn’t missed a button! After that if I wore that blouse, I had to cover the button area with a scarf. Does this sound familiar to anyone out there?

If it does, then you need to check out the Carissa Rose line. It is worth it to pay for these beautiful, quality pieces rather than waste tons of money looking for the same effect….you’ve got it right here.

The dress structure is just perfect!

Carissa Brown started sewing with her mother, Helene Rose, at age eleven and eventually would begin this company as a tribute to her. Helene struggled with the same issues that many of us do….but, Viola; her daughter has solved some of these problems with perfectly designed clothing.

Carissa Brown, designer!

I have done a thorough job at bashing the retailers who are offering junk to women my age; therefore, I thought it was about time to send kudos the way of someone doing a great job. Here is the link to the blouse I am wearing…I highly recommend it…if you want your body to look fierce!  Portia Pintuck Blouse

An excellent professional look…I love the fact that
it does not wrinkle, bunch up, or gap open!
No wardrobe disasters here!

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