Still Trending: Sequins for Daytime

St. Tropez Cardigan – TJ MAXX
T Shirt W/Bling – Ann Taylor
Glen Plaid Capris – Stein mart
Ballet Flats – Target

In 2009, major designers introduced the idea of wearing sequins for day wear and the trend immediately took off. Fashion journalists predicted “day bling”would stick around for a while and it has!!

However, it is one of those trends that many 50+ women have difficulty “buying into” because they think it too youthful or too bold for daytime. I personally love it…after all women have always loved shine from diamonds to rhinestones….I am no different.

I actually put the OOTD together with Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear in my head. In the past couple of seasons, they have counseled that a successful look includes structure, texture, fit, and shine. I started with a pair of glen plaid capris (which fit); a shiny, sparkly T shirt’ and a fun textured cardigan.

Structure, Texture, Fit and Shine!  (Check!)

With the sequins, I think it is best to remember that subtly is the best way to go. Choose a gentle, sequined top or tank or a top with a touch of sequins and then wear it with a cardigan or jacket. A full sequined top might be best for evening; however, I have seen some worn with denim during the day that looked amazing. I probably would not do that for work however.

Decided to pop it with blue!!
Earrings thrifted from
Garment Exchange in SA

Bracelet from Kohl’s


  1. My youngest daughter and I are magpies. Birds that love sparkly shiny things. Day or night, it doesn't matter. Want to join us?

  2. Hello Missy!
    Did you write this post for me? You know I am a big believer of the sequin in the daytime. Sad, that "older" women might think it is too youthful or bold. Older woman should be bold! Sequins say fun, confidence and assurance. All things women of a certain age should feel!
    You go girl!

  3. That's a cute top. The white on white keeps it low.

    I have similar feelings about ruffles – small doses are best.

  4. You did this look exactly right. I love it. Subtlety is the key for sure when it comes to daytime bling. I also like to wear a sequin jacket with a tee and jeans in order to really dress it down.

    I always love your choice of accessories. Those blue earrings are killing it.


  5. i definitely love a little sparkle, even for daytime. since the holidays i've been wanting to get a sequin skirt to wear with a denim shirt! love the blue accessories here.

  6. Oh, dear, I have bracelet lust! Just recently thrifted my first sparkly top, but I doubt I will wear it before June…hope, the trend lasts that long!

  7. Thanks for showing us your great outfit. I love some shine in my clothes, but it always looked wrong when we lived in Seattle. (I think it has something to do with the angle of the sun.) But just two months ago, my husband was transferred to Tulsa where shine is considered normal – even for someone my age. I'll be on my way to find that bracelet tomorrow. Happy Easter!

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