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Early in May, I clicked on one of my favorite blogs, Inspired Design. Debby has such a wonderful design aesthetic for interior as well as fashionable looks. So, I try to see her site every day….but this particular day, the scarf in her picture just captured my attention. It was a beautiful, light, creamy peacock scarf shown with a white top. I loved it and I told her so in my comments.

As it turned out, one of her readers knew where the scarf came from, so Debby contacted me through email to let me know. Now, that’s impressive service!! I immediately went to the Ruche website and much to my delight; the peacock scarf was only $14!! So, here it is with my lace tunic top from Coldwater Creek, purchased last spring. The scarf has a light green woven within, and was a perfect match for the new nail polish I found last week. The color is Vernia by Essie.

It’s wonderful when following different blogs can assist us in finding looks we really like!! Has anyone else had an experience like this one?

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The new Ruche Lookbook just came out!!


  1. OOOOOO, Pam! LOVE this scarf and it looks beautiful on you! How cool that it was so inexpensive! BTW, I can tell you're getting thinner and you look so happy! I hope you're feeling great as well! Hugs to you girly! ~Serene

  2. I love that scarf….and the whole look! The floral dress on yesterday's post was so happpy looking 🙂 I loved all the florals on the few posts I read yesterday.

  3. Popped over from chez Tish. Love, love, love the scarf! (Thank goodness for all those French women teaching us that scarves work with everything, and year round.)

    Now I have a few more sites to check out, thanks to your blog!

  4. Pam, I got that same exact scarf for Christmas at Ruche, mine has turquoise feathers instead of yellow ones
    We will have to do a post on how we styled it sometime!

  5. Oh yes. I love the blogging community so much for that very reason. It seems like blogging attracts such helpful and sweet people, ready to do what they can when they can. Hugs all around for the bloggers!

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