It is officially the beginning of summer….at least that is the way a school teacher thinks! While there is much going on in my private life this summer, I have also set goals for my professional life. I am a goal setter…trained by the business world to be that way.

I have a list of goals for this blog, but also a list for my life as a high school teacher. One of those goals is to work alongside one of the younger, trendy teachers to create an assembly for teenage girls about the messages they send with their clothing and on social media. One of the greatest challenges working with teens today is often their real lives and their online lives are completely different. It breaks our hearts to see how their low self- esteem is literally guiding some to market themselves sexually on a Face Book page.

So, I would love to ask you…the wisdom of the blogosphere…what you would say to teens about their choices for dress and for social media messages. What are some things we can communicate to them that might catch their attention??

Cardi, Earrings, Bracelet: Stein Mart
Cami: Chico’s, Travelers
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Payless

A NOTE ABOUT YESTERDAY’S POST: First, Paula at Fashion Over Fifty  rocks a mini-skirt better than most women I know! I admire her for it and do not judge her for it….I hope no one read judgment into that post. I have set guidelines for ME….the Pam guidelines of style are completely different from YOUR guidelines. The post came from researching what others say about our age group. As a reporter, I plan to put out the information and let you discuss it. Mini-skirts are not in my wardrobe goals, but for those of you who love them and wear them, I applaud you. The blog began almost a year ago with MY journey and how I process this thing called STYLE….but as Judith so simply wrote, “Love that we make our own rules.” Our own discernment tells us what is best for us. I love all of you who love the mini-skirt and hope you did not read a different message there!

Now, what would you say to the teens??

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