I’m going to be a nosy neighbor! I want to know everything….I want to go where usually only you go…into the privacy of the dressing room!!

No, I don’t want pictures…I just want to know what you are thinking when you get there. What thoughts are really happening when you first look in the mirror….

Do you tend to have negative thoughts first? (I’ll try this, but there is no way it will look good on me)

Do you tend to have hopeful thoughts first? (I hope this works…it’s really cute on the hangar)

Do you blame your body or the clothes if something doesn’t look good on you?

Is there anyone out there who takes items home without trying them on at the store?

Are you typically shopping in a rush or do you allow time to shop?

Do any of you make the clothes you like work by having them tailored? How do you decide to tailor an outfit in the dressing room?

I left this one behind…I will tell
you why later!

(I know I am bombarding you…but stick with me…please!) When you first walk into that dressing room, what are you really looking for? Be honest…are your first thoughts to look youthful….to look hot….to look skinny….what is going on in the mind?

I am on a quest this summer…not to get in your dressing room, but to help you once you get there!! In order to really be of assistance, I need to understand where you are…what you are processing? Gigi has patiently listened to what I am up to and she says I am on to something…so I hope we will discover some new style territory together!!

First time, in a long time
I have worn black on black!
I like it!  I really like
the neckline on this blouse
from Marshall’s
Bag: Target
Shoes: Stein Mart

Now, who would like to open the door, invite us in and get the conversation going?????

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