Yellow…By any other name….

Mustard, lemon, cream, gold, straw, ochre, sunflower, butter, wheat, sand, canary, daffodil, saffron, fire….all of these are words fashion has used to label yellow garments!! But, no matter what the label is, yellow is definitely a popular choice for many.

I have always liked yellow and its step sisters. My eyes are hazel and are known to turn completely yellow when I wear or stand near the color. I love to pair it with white, army green, black, brown, grey…well, I think it goes with all of the neutrals.

Yesterday, I began writing about the Foundational Five
…my new guidelines for assisting with better defining my personal style. Under my new guidelines, I do not think I would have purchased the above blouse, that I bought in the last two years at Lane Bryant. While I like it, it does not meet all five of my new criteria.  The purpose of my new plan is to help me avoid shopping mistakes.

But I have purchased the jacket pictured below and it does meet all five!! I am looking forward to wearing this look in the fall.

The Fall 2011 Collection from Jana Kos
features sunflower and gold

Love the details on the back!!

Spring Yellow Style

Does anyone know another name for YELLOW?

For More Yellow looks, make sure your check out Every Body, Every Wear and see what the other bloggers call it!!


  1. I like the yellow blouse with the scarf…nice to pick up the color of the pants. WHY doesn't the blouse meet the foundational five? Just curious. I am still trying to figure mine out.
    I saw on Nate Berkus, that what defines our wardrobe should also be defined in our living space. Interesting….my home needs a change!

  2. I too wonder why the yellow blouse failed the FF criteria?

    In some respects, given your warm climate, it seems like a blouse is more useful than a sweater because the sweater would be overly warm much of the time.

  3. I'm feeling a little down today but your yellow just gave me a big boost! I especially love the scarf draped over it. So summery and wonderful. Thanks for brightening a bad day! Yellow is definitely one of your colors.

  4. Hi! Pam ,the outfit is great. I like the cropped pants,very freanch ,the scarf and the bangles! great job. when I have my five words in place ,I'll let you know.Thanks for helping yesterday!

  5. the jana kos jacket is gorgeous…it's the oomph-worthy details on the back that i love. yellow is a feel goof color…makes you smile! i have a favorite yellow sweater i love to throw on when it's gloomy!

  6. That yellow jacket is amazing. It meets my shopping criteria as well. So, please wrap it up and mail it to me asap! ha.

    You really look great in that color, hon. Gorgeous.


  7. Marigold is a nice orangey-yellow. I adore yellow!

    I am enjoying reading about your Foundation Five, Pam! I love that you are examining your style so thoroughly and setting yourself guidelines. I continue to muddle through. 🙂

  8. I can think of several other names for yellow…None I would use here.
    I gave it my best 50 something shot…… pain no gain.
    You look great……….I love the scarf.

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