Cardigan & Sequined Tank:
Ann Taylor
Jone of NY Pants: Macys
Flats: Dillards
Headband: Target
Earrings: Burlington Coat
I had all kinds of plans for the weekend, but one meal on Saturday tossed all of the best laid plans out the window!
I still do not know exactly what caused the severe allergic reaction to something I was eating, but during the meal, my throat began to close up…I could not swallow….I could not breathe….I did somehow throw up…had a huge anxiety attack…violent stomach pains…and ended up in the emergency room. 
Hours later…I would be pumped with fluids through an IV….a massive dose of Benadryl…steroids….and stomach medications.  I was told in the beginning that everyone thought I was having a heart attack. My blood pressure hit a scary height and they did do an EKG.
Suddenly, I was more VISIBLE than I wanted to be.  I noticed that as soon as they discovered my age…the HEART word began to be thrown around more.    But, I really felt too bad to let my mind run away with me.  My throat was on fire which kept telling me this was allergy related and not heart.  Yesterday was spent in recovery with fatigue and stomach discomfort…however, this morning I feel back to my old self.  Official Diagnosis: An Acute Allergic Reaction!
This picture was taken earlier in the summer and I had decided not to use it….pictures against my red wall have not been the best.  But, I do love this Ann Taylor cardigan I purchased in a clearance sale and will wear this look once I return to teaching next week.  This week is in-service and preparing for the little darlings to return.
I am glad that no one at the hospital knew I am a Fashion/style blogger…..I looked so bad!!!!!  Now, check out the other incredibly VISIBLE ladies over here at Patti’s site:


  1. Oh PAM!!! That is SOOOOO scary! I'm so sorry you went through that! But soooooo thankful that you're ok! Oh girly, I don't blame you for having an anxiety attack. Who wouldn't?!?! Big hug and happy thoughts headed your way from me to you! ~Serene

  2. Hi Pam, I can't believe that happened to you. That is so frightening. I hope it can be traced to a single allergen that can be avoided forevermore! I hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. PAM!!! That is terrifying! I'm about to break out in a sweat just reading this. I'm SO glad that you're okay now! Did they find out what caused it that you're allergic to?

  4. What a harrowing experience! Glad you are okay now. Hope you can track down the offending food/spice/additive/whatever and avoid it. I have a sensitivity to some preservatives but nothing like what you went through.

  5. Sorry to hear that! It must have been terribly frightening to you and family 🙁 Did they find out what the culprt is? Glad you are much better now.

  6. Oh Pam! You do NOY know what caused the reaction????
    I am so sorry you had to go through that!
    I am alleric to shell fish – but… dodn't have a reaction til my 20's. I have had three allergic reactions and I am always scared that I will have another . I hope you have an epi pen now , just in case it happens again!
    but… you look awesome in the photo from earlirt in the day!
    I thought of you today -I had to order some clothes to wear to a wedding this next weekend and I took your advice and order a few outfits to fit me NOW!
    ( :
    Have a pretty day!

  7. Oh my gosh I know just how that feels it happened to me once. I am very happy to know you are feeling better.
    The picture of you in front of the red wall looks good to me 🙂

  8. What a scary thing to go through! I'm glad you're ok, though. It's worrying that you can't pinpoint what it was that made you so sick, I guess you'll be on edge when eating similar foods to that meal again.

  9. Oh Pam, I hope you know what you are allergic to, so it doesn't happen again! Do you have an Epi pen? I would think with such a severe reaction that they should give you one.

  10. OMG!!! You poor thing! I hope you are feeling better–that's so scary. And to not know what's causing that kind of reaction is the worst. Maybe you should go to an allergist and get tested, just to be sure this doesn't ever happen again.

  11. Goodness! I'm glad that you are okay and they realized you were having an allergic reaction (and not heart attack) because that could have been a scary mistake. Hopefully, you can figure out what caused the reaction before it happens again.

    On a happier note, that is a really cute teaching outfit! :o)

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