I have loads of pictures to edit and a plethora of information to share with you….SO, here is just a TASTE of Fashion Night Out in San Antonio, Texas.  The evening far exceeded expectations!

Gigi and I began with a fabulous salad in Nordstrom’s relaxing atmosphere!  Then we pointed our compass toward Neiman’s on a winding path through La Cantera Mall!  Look at the interesting “Models” serving cupcakes….which were everywhere, along with open bars, fancy hors d’oeuvres, ice cream floats….pure torture for someone on a very strict diet!

Cupcake anyone??

Throughout the outdoor mall were creations by local artists….sales of the pieces would go to a local gallery.   Music and beautiful people were everywhere…including actress Leighton Meester shopping in Neiman Marcus toward the end of the evening.

Examples of Local Artowrk

Here are my plans….today provides a taste of the evening; next I will bring you the exciting runway show from Neiman Marcus; and the next post will be outfits worn by attendees and displays in the stores I personally enjoyed.   Hope you like looking at three days worth of posts…if it is too much just let me know!

Almost time for runway show

Preparing for runway show

Displays with models throughout

I loved the mannquins and displays everywhere. More to


  1. lol
    I think San Antonio's FNO was a much bigger deal than poor little Charlotte
    there wasn't even anything really interesting to take pictures of
    Man, we didn't even get hunky men to serve us cupcakes, just sad waitresses!

  2. I am so excited to see all your pictures. The more the better! I have only been in Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom's once and for a very short time.
    The displays look fantastic. I love the clothes on the mannequin with the outspread arms.
    Thank you for sharing your exciting night with us!

  3. Looking forward to this series of posts. Admiring the middle photo on the bottom half of your college…You make me wonder if KC does anything like this.

  4. Hee! As others have implied, I was very amused that those hunky models were serving but it was the CUPCAKES you were lusting after! (But I get it, too!)

    You know, I've never been to a runway show? Would like to do so sometime.

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