Wear Black…of course!
Black Jacket:Old Navy
Michael Kors Black T: Stein Mart
Lee Slimming Jeans: Kohls

I’ve come to the conclusion that Black Friday is all about the experience and not the prices. After all, you can find amazing prices online and even after Friday, so it must be the thrill of the chase. We have a family that has camped out for the last two weeks at the front door of Best Buy. They have received a great amount of media attention…in fact, I really believe Best Buy owes them an advertising fee.

Here’s the Story:  Families Camp Our for Black Friday

Necklace and ring: Stein Mart
Apt. 9 Bracelet: Kohls

The last time I joined in the madness, about two years ago, I was standing with several hundred of my closest friends at KOHLS, sweating profusely, and wondering WHY? The joy was gone. So, I will not be there this Friday. I have to cook any way, a football game will delay our Thanksgiving one day…my boys are Aggies and I am a Longhorn, so somebody is not going to be happy at dinner!! If the meal comes out perfectly though, we might forget the rivalry.

Brand new Target shoes, tages still on: $1.99 at Goodwill! Yes, I wear them often!

 Just in case some of you are curious, here is a link for Black Friday deals….let me know if you have any great stories to tell!http://www.theblackfriday.com/

Off to the grocery store!!

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