“First Wives was an unexpected hit. Bette, Goldie, and I did a ton of press. I’ll never forget the conference call with Goldie and me at her home in the Pacific Palisades and Bette on the line from her loft in New York. Always a contradiction in terms, Goldie drank some awful green health concoction while she smoked. The interviewer asked, “What’s better about fifty than twenty?” Goldie plunged in with something like ‘Being a mom; learning how to grow up and love yourself for who you are; coping with the discomfort of fame; loving a man by not holding on too much; letting people be who they are; helping your daughter live with the fact that her mother is famously loved by many people; getting revenge, but the right kind; learning to be spiritually aware; learning to grow into self- esteem. Those are some of the reasons why being fifty is better than twenty.’ What could Bette and I add? Goldie said it all.”

– Diane Keaton, Then Again

The weekend before Thanksgiving should be a time to relax…light candles, start a fire (for some of you), and read a good book. After all, later in the week is when all holiday chaos officially begins! So, I have just the book for you…..Then Again by Diane Keaton.

The official release was this past Tuesday and I reserved one for immediate pick up. She is someone I gain inspiration from in style and as a strong woman!! At 63 years of age, she is right in the thick of motherhood raising Dexter and Duke, her adoptive children. But this book will tug at your heartstrings for a variety of reasons. Of course, you see the influences in her life from Woody Allen and Jack Nicolson. You see the struggles of an actress….no matter what her age. You see her determination to be a successful woman and mother.

However, what touched me the most is the fact that this book is really about the influences of her family, particularly her mother. “Mom continues to be the most important, influential person in my life…..So, why did I write a memoir? Because Mom lingers; because she tried to save our family’s history through her words ; because it took decades before I recognized that her most alluring trait was her complexity; because I don’t want her to disappear even though she has.”

I am old school. I love to hold books in my hands, turn down the pages, and highlight like a madwoman. But, if you are more cutting edge, then download this book today. If you love Diane Keaton, it is worth inviting her to rest with you as you mentally prepare for a time of Thanksgiving and a time to appreciate family.


Watch the video on Chicos.com to hear Diane discuss her
mother and to hear lines such as

“Humor is the Saving Grace of Life

People should Dress for themselves, wear what they love…”

Enjoy your weekend ME-time!!!

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