Sorority Girls to Civic Leaders

Ralph Lauren Table Toppers

This past Wednesday, I went to a sorority party!! There were 300 sisters there (I was not one of the initiated clan), but they were typical sorority girls…they talked, they laughed, they drank a little wine, they shopped, and came together for a bigger purpose. The only difference was, there were no fraternity boys lingering at the door and their ages ranged from the 20s to the 90s!

The 4th Annual Chi Omega Wish Luncheon was held at the beautiful San Antonio Country Club and in just four years has raised over seven million dollars for the Make A Wish Foundation. If you click HERE, on my post for the San Antonio Express News, you will read more about what the fabulous keynote speaker said…a message for all us …including the ones who don’t wear a pin!

The centerpieces were gorgeous and styled beautifully on Ralph Lauren table toppers…ladies could purchase them with all monies going to make wishes come true for critically ill children. I thought a great way to end the week, would be with some images from this worthy event. I was honored to be invited and it was a lot of fun to go AWOL and enjoy some adult female companionship for the day.  I plan to share a few posts about the other vendors I discovered there…Polly from yesterday was the first.  More to come.



  1. Such a great event! I was in a sorority in college and while I loved the social aspect, it was so wonderful to have an outlet for philanthropic work as well.

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