Over 50 won’t keep me down!!

Age Discrimination. Have you experienced it yet? I saw blatant age discrimination during some of the challenges on Project Runway last season against Bert Keeter, the over 50 designer. I have seen it in our neighborhood where several men over 50 have suffered layoffs…two became alcoholics when door after door slammed in their faces. The 2010 Census revealed that 24.3 percent of the U.S. population are women older than 40….women with intelligence and great abilities!

I discovered this article in the newspaper this week about the struggles for over 40 actresses: Age Still Matters for Actresses. It’s amazing to me that women are actually filing lawsuits when their real ages are disclosed!!

Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft online
Liz Clairborne Blouse: Marshalls
Denim Skirt: Lane Bryant
Tights: Lane Bryant
Boots: Ross

I am also struck with the fact the problems are really no different from any other profession. I have seen this occurring in too many other career paths. Therefore, we must clothe ourselves with hope and perseverance first. 

Necklace:  Chicos
(Sorry, I do not remember where I found this bracelet…I have had it for awhile!!)

 Meet my friend Jean. She is an amazing woman, who did not begin modeling and acting until late in life. Now she is a cover girl for AARP, hired for runway shows, and in movies.

I have begun my resurgence to the world as a writer and though slow, I have made progress. This post is not to minimalize our circumstances, but hopefully encourage us to persevere through them. I have a husband currently looking for full time employment so I am well aware of the road blocks and the challenges out there. But, with a big dose of confidence there are so many reasons to believe others will see we still have a lot to offer in talent and wisdom.

Do not be discouraged….have courage…persevere…and there is no telling what will happen!

Tomorrow, Mr. B and I are headed downtown to one of the beautiful five-star hotels on our fabulous Riverwalk. I was awarded this weekend by KENS TV and The Tips Family for being Over 50 and Fascinating!! I hope to bring you a series of posts from the weekend!! You can experience San Antonio at Christmas along with us!!

May all of you have a wonderful weekend!!


More of my snowmen!!

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