Hello, to all VISIBLE MONDAY followers from Montreal, Canada! Well, I am not actually in Montreal, but I have the next best thing to being there.

The lovely Sacramento of MisPapelicos paired up a group of bloggers for a Christmas celebration. We were to send our partner a thrift item, a handmade item, and something Christmasy!! I was so excited to learn that my swap partner was the amazingly creative Ariane from Style Sud-est. She is so cute and one of my favorite bloggers. I also love Montreal! In my late twenties, I traveled there for work and just could not get enough of the city.

Vintage Scarf: Montreal
T Shirt with Bling: la Vie en Rose
Denim Skirt and tights: Lane Bryant
Jacket: Dress Barn
Boots: Ross

Ariane (a.k.a. Santa) asked me what I wanted for Christmas in the way of gifts! I suggested a T-shirt with a message in French or a scarf! The generous Santa sent more than I ever expected…a bling T shirt from la Vie en Rose ( I am not the usual model you see on their website); two fun vintage scarves; a beautiful black lace collar made by her daughter, Izzy; a bracelet Ariane made; and Christmas décor with JOYEUX NOEL. I plan to take this to another post in a few days and style a look with the collar.  Also, please look this week for posts about my amazing hometown of San Antonio, what I wore this past weekend, and the fun experiences we had while spending the weekend downtown.

Ariane picked out the scarf and made the bracelet!  She is so talented!

I loved this challenge…fun with a beautiful lady and a magnifique town. Cecil Beaton in his book A Century of Elegance and the Art of Living wrote, “We are all French,” referring to “the respect all of us have for beauty in all of its forms particularly in our daily life.”* I guess this is the way that Ariane and I can be connected by this simple French phrase, JOYEUX NOEL.

But for now, you can see what I sent to Ariane on her site here on Monday….or visit Sacramento here….or check out all the lovely ladies of Not Dead Yet Style’s VISIBLE MONDAY here….or visit them all!

Tomorrow, I will join Collette and friends for a post about the colors of Christmas at Statement in Fashion.  Till then….

Au revoir!

See San Antonio at Christmas with me this week!

*Quote reported in “Christian Dior, the Biography” By Maire-France Pochna


  1. Look at you! so cute! I am happy that you like all the things i sent you, everything is perfect for you!

    Je te fais la bise chère Dame – Joyeux Noel!

    I will post my pictures tomorrow!

    Ariane xxxxx

  2. Secret Santas are so much fun! I love the gifts you received!
    Please try to stop by for my latest trending link up!
    Happy shopping and hope to see you soon!

  3. Hi Pam! You look so chic with that fab jacket & cute skirt! My hub is actually from TX – Kingwood and owns some property in Sweetwater. I'm a Jersey girl but have been lucky to have been out to TX a few times. I was in San An back in '07 and will be there again this year for NY Eve! Cant wait to follow along this week to see it all decorated for the holidays – esp the Riverwalk!

  4. How wonderful! I would love to participate in the gift exchange next year. What a brilliant idea.

    Beautiful scarf and you look great in that leather jacket. I love that color.

    xoxo, A

  5. I love this gift exchange idea and wish I had made the time to take part. It looks like a lot of fun!
    And I can't wait to see more of San Antonio! I've always wanted to visit there!

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