Christmas Mornings

Every weekend morning in between Thanksgiving and Christmas is special. I rise in the dark, while everyone else is sleeping (except Maddie, the cat), light twelve Christmas votives, make a strong cup of French Roast coffee, and listen to the quiet.

There is strength in the quiet.

There is joy in the quiet.

There is hope in the quiet.

There is peace in the quiet.

For just a few minutes alone, I can spend time with me and with the one who gifted me with unconditional love born in a stable. He only asks that I return that unconditional love to others.

So, on this Christmas weekend, I pray that in the New Year, you will receive unconditional love, strength, joy, hope, and peace.

He is the Light of the World…shining through the darkness.

Merry Christmas, I am so very thankful for each person who reads this blog, and for those, I now call friends.


  1. Thank you for the sweetest post ever! I think of you every time I shop at Kohl's, and although it seems like a small thing, it's an odd special joy – as though I have a friend shopping with me in my strange new city. Merry Christmas, you lovely woman!

  2. I'm so loving your blog! Thanks for taking the time to invite us into your life. Have a very blessed Christmas and New Year!!

  3. I started my own fashion blog a few months ago and feel like visiting your blog each day is like a home away from home. Thank you for your loving thoughts and good cheer for the coming year.

  4. Beautiful post, thanks for reminding us….we never hear it enough. I am trying hard to love those that I do not like and trying to see that she/he is doing the best they can. Many blessings to you in the upcoming new year.

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