Denim Done the Visible Way!

Happy Monday everyone! You may have figured out by now that I am a typical Texas gal who loves her jeans! I could live in denim and be perfectly happy! So, one of my personal challenges is to find how many different ways I can dress the jeans up, so that they are very VISIBLE!

Dana Buchman Sweater and Lee Slimming Jeans:  Kohls
Lane Bryant Blouse: Brand New at Goodwill!!

One of the problems with jeans is they have traditionally been the casual go to look and women of a certain age became used to throwing them on with a sweatshirt or sloppy T…for maximum comfort of course. But, times have changed, ladies!
I wear trouser jeans to go almost anywhere…today’s look was for church and going out afterwards. Where I was raised in the south, we always dressed up to the max for church. That no longer is the case, but I still want to feel confident in my look even if it includes my “go to” jeans.

Bracelet:  Lane Bryant

It is important to have jeans which flatter your body and that usually takes time… trying on many pair until you find your match. I have had success with Lee Jeans from Kohls, Coldwater Creek and Chicos! I love dark denim (so slimming) and I love trouser jeans (they will go anywhere).

Belt:  Goodwill!!!

 Also, today, I am wearing some of my after Christmas shopping finds. This brand new Lane Bryant blouse was only $4 and the fabulous belt was $5!! Our Goodwill stores have a designer section called Julia’s Attic and that is where I discovered this belt! Love it! Because I am “living the headlines,” you will see more thrift items on this blog this year…done with my shopping guidelines in mind and with a fun attitude for treasure hunting!

Shellac Report:  Five Days and I have done
housework, laundry, blogging, cooking and no chipping!
Looks as good as the first day!!

Now, go check out the lovely ladies of Patti’s Visible Monday and make up your minds to have one incredible week!!

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Does anyone else now wear jeans to places you maybe wore dresses in your past??


  1. One of the greatest struggles I have with my Mom on my fashion blog is jeans. It's not that my Mom hates jeans but she thinks there is nothing special about wearing them on the blog. IN the back of her mind she thinks, everyone would wear this with jeans. We're getting there slowly…haha! I love that bracelet and also you look great in this outfit. Also, I liked your journalism 101 post, very informative, and a voice recorder?? That is awesome!

  2. My sister says your weather is great like ours. So, at least I'll know what to pack next week.

    You look so great. I love that sweater and really love that you wore it with jeans and a sleek button down blouse. Great all around look.


  3. The jeans with sweater are a great look on you. I find shopping for jeans and pants of any kind to be difficult. So finding the perfect pair is to be celebrated.

  4. The belt was a great find. Must agree with you about the jeans–especially in November, I wore them a lot. I'm impressed by the shellac. My daughter Meg says her have lasted three weeks.

  5. Oh, I am crazy about the shellac polish! The 2cnd time I had them done they didn't last as long but I had gone to a different salon and they didn't use the CND brand which I think is better. I used to have a pair of dark-wash trouser jeans. I have a hard time finding a pair that isn't too long, (honestly I'm 5'5"…. who are these manufacturers making the pants for? They are all so long)! Maybe it's time to get a pair and have them hemmed. xo

  6. I keep my trouser jeans looking sharp by sending them to the dry cleaner. It keeps them from fading and they don't get wrinkly so fast.

  7. You look very chic. I love a classic white shirt and jeans – and like how you've 'layered-up' with a sweater and belt. I live in jeans – and, I'm afraid, am guilty of still wearing sweatshirts!

  8. Oh, do I love that belt! You look very nice in your dressed up jeans. You know me, I love my jeans! I don't think I have had on anything other than jeans for a very long time.
    Thank you for the information on interviews.
    I used to do the shellac polish, but it was too expensive and I did not like the removal (soaking my fingers in acetone remover) because it made my fingers and cuticles very, very dry. It is beautiful though. Polishing my own nails is very labor intensive especially when I change colors every few days.

  9. I love these pants on you! They look fantastic, and I love the black subtle-stripes in the sweater. (Thanks for being a great blog friend in 2011 and best of health and so much happiness in 2012!)

  10. Hi!!! I've been lurking for a bit and now it's time to chime in! love your blog and style!
    I wear jeans every day–my job is always casual Friday attire (with some restrictions) Love trouser jeans and colored jeans for some spice. I think they can be just a snazzy with a cute scarf, a pin and a jacket!

  11. Well, let me tell you my story of jeans this weekend. I was determined to buy a new pair of regular everyday jeans. Not flared, not skinny just plain jeans. I took 5 or 6 to the dressing room and decided on a pair of Lee's. When I got to the check out the young man said there was no tag……….terror! I said I'm sorry and not to worry. He said "don't worry ma'am" And just punched the code in the computer………Holy Guacamole they were $2.69……yep that's my way of buying new jeans!

  12. You look FAB! Love the belted button down and that's a great sweater and jeans. Chic way to start the New Year!

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