Happy Monday everyone! You may have figured out by now that I am a typical Texas gal who loves her jeans! I could live in denim and be perfectly happy! So, one of my personal challenges is to find how many different ways I can dress the jeans up, so that they are very VISIBLE!

Dana Buchman Sweater and Lee Slimming Jeans:  Kohls
Lane Bryant Blouse: Brand New at Goodwill!!

One of the problems with jeans is they have traditionally been the casual go to look and women of a certain age became used to throwing them on with a sweatshirt or sloppy T…for maximum comfort of course. But, times have changed, ladies!
I wear trouser jeans to go almost anywhere…today’s look was for church and going out afterwards. Where I was raised in the south, we always dressed up to the max for church. That no longer is the case, but I still want to feel confident in my look even if it includes my “go to” jeans.

Bracelet:  Lane Bryant

It is important to have jeans which flatter your body and that usually takes time… trying on many pair until you find your match. I have had success with Lee Jeans from Kohls, Coldwater Creek and Chicos! I love dark denim (so slimming) and I love trouser jeans (they will go anywhere).

Belt:  Goodwill!!!

 Also, today, I am wearing some of my after Christmas shopping finds. This brand new Lane Bryant blouse was only $4 and the fabulous belt was $5!! Our Goodwill stores have a designer section called Julia’s Attic and that is where I discovered this belt! Love it! Because I am “living the headlines,” you will see more thrift items on this blog this year…done with my shopping guidelines in mind and with a fun attitude for treasure hunting!

Shellac Report:  Five Days and I have done
housework, laundry, blogging, cooking and no chipping!
Looks as good as the first day!!

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Does anyone else now wear jeans to places you maybe wore dresses in your past??

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