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Eleven years ago my fourteen-year-old-daughter and her friends thought it was the greatest thing to shop the knock-offs at Eisenhauer Flea Market in San Antonio.  That was before the consciousness level about the harm of knock-offs was raised.  This past week, Louis Vuitton made headlines in San Antonio as this huge designer took on the Flea Market…and won!  $3.6 million dollars later….the flea market owner is stunned and  believed he did all he could to police the vendors as he told local KSAT TV FLEA MARKET REPORT.  Louis Vuitton is obviously sending messages to all of those vendors!!    I ran over to the other side of town to get this picture, before it goes away and HERE is the newspaper story!

Also, this week, Diane Sawyer and ABC News reported updated findings about body images and the fashion industry.  Despite all of the progress in the last few years, models are still expected to be pencil thin and now a size 6 is actually listed as plus size….by this definition Christie Brinkley is a plus size model.  (I shudder to think what they would say about my size!)   There is obviously much work still to be done with sending proper messages to young girls who aspire to model.   HERE is the story!!

(L-R)  Weekly regular judges are the first three in line:  Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman, and Angela Lindvall

Finally, are you watching Project Runway All Stars!  New judges and new mentor, (Joanna Coles of Marie Claire), and a huge prize package!  But, there is still drama and beautiful designs.  This past week, the all star team from past shows were asked to design a couture gown for wearing to the Opera.  Winner was Austin Scarlett and close runner up, Michael Costello. All photos are from their web page found HERE.

New mentor is Joanna Coles, EIC of Maire Claire Magazine.  The winning designer will work on staff for the magazine for one year!

Austin works on his winning gown which had to be designed and completed in
just 24 hours!

  Sorry, this is the best I could do on the winning look pictures!!  But, you can watch the episode on the website if you missed it!! 

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I will be one of the speakers for the TX Style Council’s Bloggers Conference in fabulous Austin, Tx March 9,10,11!!
I will be on a panel discussing the importance of understanding journalism!  They have an amazing calendar of topics for speakers and panel discussions.  I went last year and learned so much!  I would love to meet you guys, so try to attend!!  Check it out


  1. Ha, I am a plus size too. One wonders why Vuitton fights these battles. I understand the concept of intellectual property, but I wonder how many cases they have brought–particularly against Chinese vendors. Do you think they'll actually collect this amount?

  2. Congratulations on being a Speaker, you deserve it so much.
    About the models, you said it all…
    I wish I could watch project runway in Spain.
    The tried the 1rst season here, and never again, perphaphs I was the only one watching. Itry and watch it on line.
    Have a grand Sunday, dear Pam.

  3. Congrats on being invited to speak! Yahoo! I saw that report on pencil thin models and it is appalling! Any ideas as to how we can protest?
    I hope that Designers continue to battle the knockoffs…especially if they are made overseas!

  4. Congratulations, Pam, on your speaking invitation! You will be fabulous, as always.

    Imagine my surprise to find I too, along with Terri, am a "plus size" now. Our "beauty" standards for women are so damaging.

    Great post, great reporting.

  5. Congratulations on your speaking engagement. I wish I could be there to see it all.
    Maybe someday we will have models who represent the majority of women rather than the extreme minority. To think of Terri or Patti as plus-size is absurd, actually beyond absurd.

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