“You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, all!  I can remember hating this day when I was a school girl…all the “pretty” girls got flowers, candy, attention and I usually walked away with nothing but depression and self- loathing. Oh, if I could just capture those times again and walk through them with the understanding I have today. Love comes from a variety of places and I no longer cry because it might not come packaged as the rest of the world thinks it should.

Maybe you won’t sit on a romantic balcony tonight…or receive a bouquet of flowers…but you can look in the mirror and know that you are a blessing to other people. Experience joy this day and go bless someone else.  Sometimes, all it takes is a smile!

T Shirt With Bling:  The Loft
Bracelet: Lane Bryant
Scarf: Marshalls

She won this fabulous clutch from Betty Audish!

AND, she won this beautiful coral necklace
from Marie Bruns Jewelry

Now, it is my turn to bless someone with the amazing prizes I have been promoting by Betty Audish Handbags and Marie Bruns. The lucky winner of the beautiful pink clutch and the gorgeous red coral necklace is….TA DA…Adrienne! from The Rich Life on a Budget…she is currently on a spending freeze, so maybe this win will encourage her to persevere on….

CONGRATULATIONS, ADRIENNE! I wish I could have entered my own contest…these are beautiful accessories and I know she will do some phenomenal styling with them!!  The rest of you tune in tomorrow for another great giveaway for a Foxcroft Collection blouse!!

  I’m wearing candy Heart Earrings sent to me from Terri

Sweater coat, red denim: Lane Bryant
Ballet Flats: Target

About my Valentine’s outfit, the lesson here is NEVER SAY NEVER! I actually told someone that I did not think I would ever wear colored denim….well, here it is!! And my significant other liked it….after he shot the pictures, he told me to wear this to our Valentine’s dinner! I guess it’s a keeper!

Now, go enjoy the other Valentines over at Everybody, Everywear Pink + Red Event:

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