To transition or not to transition? Alas, poor baby boomer, that is the question. Most of the people surrounding me are pondering some type of change. Consideration of change has been forced upon us either by the economy, an empty nest, a lost relationship or simply a zest to live and enjoy life to its fullest. Many of us see the writing on the wall…there will be no money for retirement, so we must work for a long time and enjoy what we do!

Yesterday, sweet Anita at Castles Crowns and Cottages wrote a powerful, emotional post about walking away from her current job as a teacher into a new adventure. There are so many people dear to me in her shoes, and each one sat at the feet of this post in tears.

Sandals: BCBG at Marshalls

Something Anita made abundantly clear….TRANSITION TAKES COURAGE. We must be willing to test the water and if failure occurs…brush it off…and try a new direction. Anita has made the courageous decision to follow her calling and gifting. Are any of you considering the same transition?

Bracelet: KOHLS

Have a wonderful Saturday…go out there and turn your can’ts into cans!

Both the pink cardigan at the top and this blue
tunic (love the pockets) were found at Chico’s On Sale
…their sales lately have been incredible!
Keep it up Chico’s!!

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