Courage to Change

To transition or not to transition? Alas, poor baby boomer, that is the question. Most of the people surrounding me are pondering some type of change. Consideration of change has been forced upon us either by the economy, an empty nest, a lost relationship or simply a zest to live and enjoy life to its fullest. Many of us see the writing on the wall…there will be no money for retirement, so we must work for a long time and enjoy what we do!

Yesterday, sweet Anita at Castles Crowns and Cottages wrote a powerful, emotional post about walking away from her current job as a teacher into a new adventure. There are so many people dear to me in her shoes, and each one sat at the feet of this post in tears.

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Something Anita made abundantly clear….TRANSITION TAKES COURAGE. We must be willing to test the water and if failure occurs…brush it off…and try a new direction. Anita has made the courageous decision to follow her calling and gifting. Are any of you considering the same transition?

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Have a wonderful Saturday…go out there and turn your can’ts into cans!

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  1. It takes a leap of faith and courage to leave one's comfort zone. There have been a few days when I wonder why I changed jobs, but then I remind myself that I was not happy before. I do believe that if you aren't happy, do something about it! Change is easier when you are young…we have more confidence in ourselves and less fear of failure. Without facing the fear, we will never know success.

  2. Hi Pam, I'm in the same boat but the transition is from stay-at-home mom to getting back into the working world. Bloomingdale's was a good thing for me to do. It gave me some of my confidence back and also I got to be with clothes. I was really not happy in my pre-mom life as a paralegal (which paid the high Manhattan rent and allowed me to go to a weekly fiction workshop for 4 years) so I know I have to do something different during Act Two. That said, I feel like a complete neophyte getting back out into the career world. But I'm doing it and if I fall on my face in a new career, okay, onto the next thing! I've never been afraid of failing on the page (in writing) but failing in any other way takes guts, as I'm learning! Thanks for this post, Pam. You are the best! XO, Jill

  3. Hi Pam!

    It takes a lot of courage indeed to make a carreer change, it is going into the unknown
    Many times i walked away from work or relationships and it was always for the best!
    Lucky you you seem to have nice, warm weather, we are freezing our behinds here!

    Lots of love

    Ariane xxxx

  4. Hi Pam, All around so many people are going through this … its as though the need to change, embrace and go toward toward our true callings is becoming strong. I think its God moving.

    I'm working toward a change myself but am hearing many negative comments and its taking trust to keep moving on this path and keep my faith.

    Thanks for sharing the link to Castles Crowns and Cottages.

    Hope your weekend is simply stunning.


  5. Hi Pam,

    So many people are going through this. Myself included. As I work towards the new career I hope to embrace, I'm hearing negative comments and naysayers – that's the hardest to tune out.

    Thanks for sharing the link to Castles Crowns and Cottages – lovely blog I've never visited before that I'm adding to my list.

    Have a fabulous weekend

  6. Pam, my husband often says (and I know it's not original to him), that the only constant is change. I'll be honest, I've never been great with change, yet I've had a life full of it! This is a great post and I'm off to read the link you posted! Hugs to you! ~Serene

  7. Wonderful words, Pam. Change is stressful and exhilarating, both. We are indeed at a transitional age and it takes guts! You have 'em, my friend!

  8. Pam thank you for this, it continues on, I too read Anita's post and thought so much of her courage and bravery. Your inspiration is priceless as well.

    I read some wise words the other day about the why of what we are doing and to remember if the why is meaningful and relevant.

    Thanks for entering my amazing Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  9. LOVE the chico's tunic! I rarely find ones with pockets!
    On change: My Hubby quit a great paying job that he had for 20+ yrs. after waking up daily and hating his life. Hating to get up every day. One day, with much discussion and my support (i actually wanted him to quit and try happiness for awhile!) – He just quit. We were so afraid, but it was a loaves and fishes existence where we did fine. Miraculously fine!
    He began to volunteer and soon had a new job as a suicide prevention phone counselor! He now lOVES his job, he is pleasant to be with and he was SOOOO brave!
    I believe if we jump with faith, we ALWAYS land on our feet and usually in new and improved shoes 😉

  10. Ahhhh, transitions, voluntary or involuntary. The times in my life which brought the most growth, even though painful. But you are looking ready for anything in that beautiful blue tunic.

  11. I fall into the category of "we must work for a long time and enjoy what we do." 🙂 I'm technically eligible for an early retirement, but I can't afford to stop working. So I'm going back to grad school. I'm staying in the same field but hoping that the additional credentials will enable me to make a more meaningful impact with my work.

  12. Very inspiring words and very colorful outfits.I love both the pink and blue pieces and I think a bit of color just helps to turn those can'ts into cans.

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