Sales and Coupons: We Love ‘Em!

Bracelet: $2 at Kohl’s with a coupon
Scarf: Marshalls

During lunch recently Gigi and I sat and marveled at retailers who are dropping the sales and coupon approach to marketing. We love the ones who offer both of these things. We are two ladies who love to shop and love to get a great deal…like the $15 pants from Chico’s she is wearing today and my $11 cardigan from Kohl’s.

We love joining the Chico’s Passport Club…and being a Stein Mart elite preferred customer and all of the special savings that affords us. We love receiving special coupons in email and text messages other shoppers did not have access to. It blesses us when we have a need and can find it on sale with a current coupon. A great day for us is Starbuck’s and full Clearance racks. We even love an Early Bird Special…me more that Gigi, she loves to sleep late.  Count her in for the Power Hours on Friday evenings!

Axcess Cardigan: Kohl’s
Blouse, Pants: Stein Mart

Now, I recognize that my style is more commercial fashion than cutting edge runway…but that is what we wear and love to enjoy…so we want a good deal when we do it!

Andrew Geller Shoes: Stein Mart

Friday Thought: Take a moment today and just appreciate the beauty around you. It can be found in so many places…the face of a loved one…a flower….a cherished pet playing outside…or a sunset. This beautiful evening caught my eye this week outside of my kitchen window. A gift from heaven which so often will bring me great peace.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


  1. What beautiful pictures of the sky…was it sunset or sunrise? You both sound like very smart shoppers. I do save and use coupons from my preferred retailers, and love those who give a "frequent flyer" discount. You and Gigi look splendid. I love your orange and green outift!

  2. Love what both you and Gigi are wearing–especially digging Gigi's pants and your orange scarf and green ballet flats–and I wish I was there to go shopping with you two. I love a coupon and I love a good deal! Have a great weekend. XO, Jill

  3. I am just dying over your colors today. I adore the bracelet and scarf combo, but the shoes!! Gasp! So cute!
    I sometimes use coupons, and generally have a whole sheaf of them in my purse, just in case I happen to find myself in one of the stores.

  4. I am being soooo bad this spring!!!! I am sale price NUTS! Love the scarf and shoes ;0)
    ps, how do get your name on the bottom of your prints?

  5. I have gotten some good deals at Chico's, but never pants for that price! Your Chico's must have better prices than ours! Gigi looks lovely as always. I love orange on you. It is just so flattering. The scarf is gorgeous too!

  6. Love this outfit — love the orange (I've been gravitating toward orange a lot lately — it just seems like a color that is appropriate all year round, for some reason. Love the green flats — they're cute.

  7. The cardigan is such a beautiful on you and with the scarf. I will be doing Kohls during the month of March for my window shopping project. I've saved the two coupons I've received in the past week…and I'm needing some shoes, so I hope I find a bargain.

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