Fiesta Shopping the Goodwill Way!!

No problem….that is what I said
when Goodwill SA asked me to shop for FIESTA celebration ensembles!!  Hopefully, you caught my post here about the
Fiesta Ole Fashion Show and you can see how San Antonio ladies love to go over
the top and have fun during this two week celebration.
I think I had fun, yet remained
controlled enough that I can easily wear the items I purchased throughout the
year and not just during Fiesta.  I
filled a cart with items and camped out in a dressing room for almost an hour…they
kept knocking on the door to make sure I wasn’t dead in the room!!
Necklace:  Chicos
Bracelets: Kohls
Aerosoles Sandals:  Ross
Nail Color:  OPI, Cajun Shrimp (Spicy like Fiesta!)
Finally, I chose this fabulous
Carole Little maxi-dress ($5.99…yes, I said $5.99)!!  I am going to wear it to an outdoor dinner
this coming weekend!  I also wore it to
the Art Institute function I blogged about here.  I love, love, love this dress!!  There is every reason to believe that it was
originally priced close to $200.  Now
that’s savings!
I also picked up this colorful
Chico’s blouse ($2.99)…perfect for Fiesta functions!!    Below I showed you some of the items I
would have purchased if they were in my size! 
Goodwill is the go to place for designer shoes and fashion…plus it is
great to save some money!!  There is
still time to discover great styles for Fiesta this week…I have heard the
parade will be HOT, as usual…so prepare with shorts and sleeveless shirts at
Goodwill…also don’t forget sunscreen!!
There is nothing more VISUAL than
San Antonio’s FIESTA or the money you save at Goodwill….and you will also enjoy the very visual fashions on Patti’s VISIBLE MONDAY  and MONDAY MINGLE AT MOM head on over now!!
So sad, what I left behind:

lew magram collection from New York found in Julia’s Attic


  1. That first outfit is fantastic! I think it may be my all time favorite look of yours.

    You don't need to sell me on Goodwill. I adore that place – I wonder if my local GW would want to do something like this. It's a great idea.

    Don't you just hate when you find something spectacular and it's not in your size. I always try to think of a friend or family member who might fit into whatever it is. I actually sent a Ralph Lauren mint green sweater to a blogger friend in Canada because I couldn't leave the store without it.
    xo, A

  2. Oh Pam! You did great!! That dress is just fabulous and Carole Little has some amazing prints!!! I'd love to hit a Goodwill in San Antonio!!! I'm the same way when I go….I grab a TON of stuff and then spend a crazy amount of time in the dressing room! LOL But my daughter and I always have the best time! Hugs to you gorgeous!!! ~Serene

  3. Pam, you look fantastic in your Carole Little dress – it's so colorful, and your turquoise necklace really makes it "you"! The workers at Goodwill here know me, and we have a little laugh at checkout, when I say I'm just "barely" over 55, for the discount : >

  4. Those are magnificent finds. I wish I lived in San Antonio just for their Goodwill no matter all the other great things about SA. Our Goodwill in my town have good items but nothing to match the ones you found or the prices. Obviously prices differ from city to city.

  5. wow, you did good! our goodwill is so pricey I never shop there! that said, they are opening a new one right in my town, so maybe i will give it another go!

  6. Love the dress and jewelry together! The dress is a fantastic find. Too bad those other things had to be left behind. I wish we had a better Goodwill store here. Sometimes I find some good finds, but it has become more and more difficult, especially now that people are taking their clothes to consignment shops.

  7. I need to come thrifting in San Antonio. The dress you choose is wonderful with the mixed sizes of prints and the big turquoise jewelry adds to the Fiesta Vibe!

  8. you have two fabulous outfit! I really like your dress, it's a great buy, very relaxed resort look especially with the turquoise accessories. You carry brights and print very well especially floral ones.



    I so love your style. I think you just may enjoy the posts coming up that I have planned, if I can just find another reliable and FREE collage maker. My favorite, PICNIK is no longer!


  10. I have been away visiting my youngest daughter so I have to catch up with all the fiesta colours, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Wonderful and vibrant outfit, pam.
    You look sooooooooooooo radiant, and wonderful

  11. Pam wow great finds. I used to find Carol Little all the time and I never see it anymore!!

    I am featuring our friend, Designer and Paper Artist Anita Rivera from Castle Crowns and Cottages on my site! She is amazing!

    Art by Karena

  12. The dress is lovely! And like you said appropriate for other times of the year. If you go back to Goodwill and the blouse you left behind is still there, pick it up for me. If it's too small I'll alter it so I can wear it!

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