Fresh Produce… From Down on the Fashion Farm!

Today is all about Fresh Produce….yes, it’s colorful, vibrant, fresh, youthful, and helps you feel
good…but NOT found at the local grocery market. 
Though I have seen Fresh Produce garments in department stores for some
time, I have developed a new appreciation for their line.   They have done such a great job of tailoring
clothes to fit a variety of women and their needs.
Quality ,beautiful, soft fabrics…all sizes including plus size…and on trend looks each season… are a few
of the reasons I am loving their collections. 
For example, are you planning a resort vacation…you may want to check
out the resort wear!
You may have also  noticed that I am really, really into knits
lately and this Standing Ovation Cardigan is my new favorite. 
What do I like about it?   So
*The beautiful blue color…I love
these saturated colors…it will go across many seasons and is beautiful with most color schemes, prints, and accessories. Did I tell you how soft it is….I mean really soft!
*The light, thin knit which makes it
a perfect summer garment…when I am constantly in and out of air conditioning, a cardigan like this is an asset.
*The tight arm fit and the extended
arm length!
*The shawl collar neckline is
exquisite and gives the cardigan a feeling of fabulous! Little details are what makes this one stand out from another brand!
*The extended length in the front
which elongates my body when worn down and will tie -up with a skirt for a
completely different style.
If you are into all of the vibrant
color for spring/warm weather clothes you will find it here mixed with the softer versions
as well. Fresh Produce now ships to over 200 countries, so those of you outside of the US can enjoy these beautiful clothes also!
My look today makes me want to
sit on a sail boat… hmmm, that sounds really good to me!!  Have a great Thursday and remember tomorrow will feature the rest of the Country Wedding pictures…hope to see you then!

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  1. Hiya, thanks for blog hopping on over to my blog… I see you have a wonderful blog yourself! Seriously lovely accessories – ooozing style.
    I need a wardrobe spring clean for sure.
    Jennie. x

  2. I love those loose knits for the weather in the summer. It's so hot now already. I think this is a great style for the season! (New follower from the blog hop!)

  3. for a couple of years i always bought a piece of their clothing for the beach
    haven't been in there in awhile, love that white outfit so i might have to peek in

  4. I recently scouted Nordstrom's Rack and saw a few rounders dedicated to Fresh Produce. I was impressed and surprised. Although I didn't purchase anything, I would be willing to look again. I agree with you on the selling points.

  5. You are just a wonderful human being. Always bright, outgoing, FABULOUS!

    Dearest, Pam, thank you for visiting with a song in your heart for the up and coming weekend celebration. May only grace and love abound in your heart and life.

    BACK LATER!! I am adding to you my blogroll….It takes me a while to get to these things!!!!!


  6. Hi Pam,

    When I lived in CA this line was seen everywhere! More recently I've been seen Fresh Produce pieces up here in WA state and I'm so pleased as I find this look to be both comfortable and flattering at this time in my life. You look very chic and comfy! Have a wonderful Friday and Happy Easter!


  7. Okay this just proves how behind I am in fashion…fresh produce is new to me. But I must say I love the look! Of course you look lovely, you always do. You have wonderful taste.Thank you for joining in the hop and for your bloggy friendship

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