Dr. Sydney Savion

 I watched the silver sports car pull into the
parking lot, its driver quickly and confidently BACKED into the parking space,
then stepped out dressed to the nines in classic Brooks Brothers.  I knew immediately I was going to like Dr.
Sydney Savion. She walked with confidence, determination, and a smile on her
face.  We met for tea at La Madeline to
discuss her new book, Camouflage to Pinstripes, and the interview began with her
insistence that we add a dessert treat along with a beverage.  Just for the record, she can easily eat the
dessert…I shouldn’t …but did!
What I wore to the interview!
Michael Kors Cardigan
eshakti silk,dice blouse
JNY pants from Macys
Target ballet flats
Sydney’s book is for those
transitioning from the military into civilian careers, but I was really drawn
in by her sound advice which could easily apply to those of us in midlife.  The first words I read after opening the
cover were, “Choose the life you desire to live.”  Got my attention!  Read on…
Her research really applies to all
of us though the book has specific “real-life” military stories.  For example, Sydney writes, “While life
transition is triggered by a marker event and naturally unfolds in three multidimensional
states – what I call “questioning,” “seeking,” and “starting anew” –
individuals need to be introspective and deliberate about taking control of
their lives….Choose the life you desire to live, visualize yourself living it,
step into your new environment with high intention, and actualize it as you
press toward the ultimate aim of self – renewal.  If you have lived by the mantra “failure is
not an option,” then you need to think and act as though success is!”
  Her words could speak to any transition situation.
I read the book in one sitting…couldn’t
put it down…and I am sure most of you know that I am NOT in the military.  But, if you know someone who is looking to retire and re-enter the civilian world, this
book is a must read.  Just go to the website to order.  Or pick up at your local bookstore, ISBN 978-1-61254-033-7 from Brown Book Publishing!

Her future plans include more
projects to help our military as she works alongside Dr. Harry Croft.  But, Sydney, till then…if you want to sneak
out for more treats…just give me a call…but keep it quite!
Winner announced tomorrow for the Market Place India gift card!

Dresses from Shabby Apple

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