First let me say, I am receiving no
monetary or gift payments from Ulta for this post…I just really wanted to tell
you how much I like the store!  I avoided
walking in for a long time, because it honestly “looked” from the outside like
a place I would not be able to afford. 
But, now I know, that I cannot afford to shop without Ulta!
Ulta was founded in 1990 as a
discount beauty retailer.  There are many,
many reasons why I love what they are doing for the beauty business.  But, here are just a few:
Easy Access:  I can find quality products without going to
the mall.  I park in front …run into the
store…get what I need…and am on my way in a matter of minutes!
Service with a Smile:  When we have discussed what makes a great
retail outlet on this blog, service is at the top of your list.  Ulta employs people who great you at the door
ready to help with all questions.  They
are there if you need them, but not trying to sell you things that you don’t
need.  In fact, I asked once about a
product I was looking for and the Ulta employee said they didn’t carry it, but
told me where to find it for the best price!
Rewards Club Pays Off:  I love their rewards club!  You can see some of the items I have received
for free pictured today!  They send  a quarterly report with a level and list of
free items available to me.  Through this
club, I have tried several Ulta Brand items such as eye shadow, nail polish,
and make up brushes and found them to be excellent!   I also
discovered one of my favorite hair care products after receiving it free at
Four of these items were free and I love all of them!!  My Chi was purchased for $79 with an Ulta
20% Sales:  I think at least twice a year, I receive a
notice of a 20% sale on the entire store. 
I purchased my new Chi flat iron for $20 less and bought three months’
worth of my face and eye creams during this time.  It really helps me to save money in the long
Lots of Free Samples:  I recently sent my daughter overseas a cute
Ulta makeup bag full of Ulta Brand eye shadows, liners, and mascara and she was
so happy to receive it!!  I often get
FREEBIES for things I purchase. 
Currently they are giving tote bags for Mother’s Day Fragrance
purchases, but I also have received robes at Christmas for fragrance buys.  They carry fragrances you normally have to go
into the mall to find…so glad I can get my husband’s Ralph Lauren there!
SALON Specials:  Ulta is always running a salon deal…currently,
an OPI gel manicure for $25!!  But,
sometimes it is an exfoliation, or brow, or hair cut deal! 
Clean, Beautiful Store:  The Stores are well kept, always clean and
shiny, with great displays.  A pleasure
to walk into.  Don’t be intimidated like
I was at first.  Take the plunge…you will
enjoy it!
Yes!!  I ULTA-LY love ULTA!
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  1. I am a skincare and makeup junkie! I would go broke at Ulta. I love that store! BTW, you inspired me the other day to shop Goodwill. I spent $30 and came home with shoes, 3 tank tops, one tee, and some miscellaneous stuff.

  2. I like Ulta, but not as much as Sephora. Ulta does carry some different items than Sephora that I do like. My experience at Ulta has been good with some of the employees who go out of their way to help. But I haven't been greeted at the door and often there aren't many employees in the store. That said, I am thankful to have Ulta stores in town.

  3. I enjoy Ulta, too, though the nearest one is too far from me, so I haven't been able to rack up points for free goodies yet. Hoping that one opens in the neighborhood, soon, so I can haunt it!

  4. Well shoot, now I need to go into the Ulta not far from here…giggle xo Thank you for linking to the Thursday Favorite Things hop I hope you have a weekend filled with happy!

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