Adventurous, Visible Color!

“I wanted to dress more creatively,”
she said.  “If you want people to follow
you on an adventure, a black suit’s not going to cut it.”  – Umber Ahmad
This quote jumped off the pages of “O” Magazine‘s May issue.  The feature is
titled, “New Life, New Look” and introduces us to five women who have been
through recent personal makeovers.  Ahmad has gone from the dark suits of Wall Street, to the fun of children’s
programming and opening a bakery….and,  I
love her quote!!
Now, I am not anti-black in any wardrobe, but color gives us all a joyful way to mix things up!  I do not believe that there is any profession
any longer where a ban on color is the rule….if you are surrounded by dark
suits, maybe it is time to be more visible, and shake things up a bit!!
Spring and Summer give us all great
excuses to shine bright.  If you would
like more ideas, just go to visit the ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY!!  and MONDAY MINGLE!!….also, “O”
Magazine’s theme this month is HOW TO GET BETTER WITH AGE….you might want to
pick up a copy of this as well!! 

This dress was featured on the cover of a recent Lane Bryant catalog, but
just hit the racks in SA last Friday.  I just happened to be in the store looking for
a couple of special event dresses, because the sale was a BOGO sale.  The minute
they put it out, three were immediately sold.  I felt bad that I wasn’t one of the many who called
the store for days looking for the dress…but I do love it for summer and I am happy to have it!
The jacket is also Lane Bryant!!  The bracelet and shoes are Stein Mart!
Anyone up for an adventure??


  1. I'm up for an adventure!! I use to wear a ton of black and brown until I had a life changing illness and as the treatments came to a close I started craving more color in my life. I think it was a sign of personal soul transformation for sure.

  2. POW!!! Gulp! That's is thee most divine dress on you! It's vibrating positive energy. I liked the colour in the top photo but it wasn't until I hit the next one that my jaw dropped. The black looks good with it too, a great grounding.

  3. you look fabulous! And very visible! I like that multi color dress, you look beautiful in it. The black knitted jacket completes the outfit. I like this laid back relaxed chic style. Great styling.


  4. I am definitely up for the challenge, thanks to your gorgeous inspiration! When shopping, I am still drawn to the muted tones as if they were magnetized. But gradually, with baby steps, I am incorporating a few brights. It's worth it!

  5. Color is the base of my wardrobe right now maybe because my life is not so adventurous.That's a great very visible outfit.Thanks for the sweet comment.

  6. Pam
    this seems out of the box for you a little bit and I AM LOVING IT!!!
    hope to see you style this all kinds of ways over the summer
    what a fabulous maxi and that quote is fabulous!

  7. You were right to jump on that beautiful dress. It's one of my favorite looks on you.

    Love the black suit quote. I'll have to try it out on the lawyers I work for and with…lol. Law-related work environments can be a little limiting style-wise 😀

  8. Pam!! that dress is awesome on you.. I love it, especially since you usually wear more fitted style clothing, I agree with Debby, you look PRETTY!!! xoxo J

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