Over 50?  Are we still allowed to dream?  I recently heard a woman say, “I wish I had
pursued my dreams, but now at 56, it’s too late to even try!”

My daughter, Jessica and her husband, Russell

I was pondering her statement when
my daughter’s pictures from running the Great Wall of China Marathon came in to
my email.   It looked tough and
mesmerizing all at the same time.  She is
living her dreams of seeing the world and experiencing life to its

 The hardest challenges are just
an invitation to really live a larger than normal life.  Too often, I fear, we choose the small life,
because the great wall just seems too big to conquer.

It’s necessary to rest along the way when tackling a HUGE challenge!

I watched Jess and her husband,
Russ, tackle the steep inclines and the endless rows of stairs….by merely
fixating on their tiny bodies against the wall made me realize how small my
challenges really are and it is way past time to take them on. 

I disagree with the woman who made
the opening statement.  I may be coming
to the game late, but at almost 59, I am going to face the great wall and,
hopefully, prove her wrong. I think within these challenges some anti-ageing secrets, as well as, joy can be discovered!  I am not
giving details about my personal dreams on purpose…but when I reach the top, I will let you know!!  I have a huge stairway to climb first before I
believe I can set my course. But, it’s past time
to start the climb.

A Few Ideas About Dreams   By Chuck Swindoll

Dreams are specific, not general
Dreams are personal, not public. God doesn’t
give anyone else my dreams on a public computer screen for others to read.  He gives them to me personally.  They’re intimate images and ideas.
Dreams can easily appear to others as extreme
and illogical.  If you share your dreams
with the crowd, they’ll probably laugh at you because you can’t make logical
sense out of them.
Dreams are often accompanied by a strong desire
to fulfill them.
Dreams are always outside of the realm of the
expected.  Sometimes they’re downright
A common response when you share a dream is, “You’ve
gotta be kidding!  Are you serious?”

Keep Dreaming!!!
Happy Tuesday, everyone!!

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