Alright, ladies, I need your help!  Here is my scenario:
1.       I am a high school teacher and the regular school year ends next week.
2.       I have only 12 days before I begin to teach summer school!
3.       It has been a somewhat stressful year and I am feeling fatigue…honestly, I am fried!
4.       I have absolutely no extra money for a fun 12 day getaway plus I need to do a lot of work around my house since I have neglected it with overwork recently.
What would you do for no-cost relaxation and fun during the 12 days?  I would love to hear any ideas…home remedies…places to go….things to do….beauty or health treatments to feel pampered and rested… read any good books lately?…bring it on!
Today’s pictures were taken one morning on my patio…I love morning coffee on the patio…I will do that a few of the 12 days!   Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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