Last night I went to a lecture about the power of eating
vegetables and fruits.  Ok, I know this
is something we are told our whole lives, but listening to the actual research
and statistics of the difference that diet really makes was sobering.
Dr. Richard DuBois, the speaker, is a board certified
specialist of infectious diseases from Atlanta, GA…he has been practicing there
for over 44 years.  He has been included
in the list of Best Doctors in America every year since 1994 and was chosen by
his medical colleagues as their “Physician of Choice” for life threatening
infections and HIV.
I guess the good thing about being a Baby Boomer is the fact
that our mantra,“we don’t want to age,” has prompted so much research and testing by many
industries.  Some his statements which
really struck me were
*Sixty six per cent of cancers are diet related
*The majority of problems with fatigue are due mostly to
mitochondrial DNA damage (he explained this)
*The largest deficiency for women over 60 is Vitamin D, and
America has more rickets than we have ever had due to lack of Vitamin D
*The most important supplements to take are Vitamin D3 and
*Most heart attacks occur after eating a high fat meal
*One of the most dangerous problems within our bodies are
due to chronic silent inflammation
*There are forty new cases of Alzheimer’s in the US per hour

The research had everyone talking
Needless to say, it was a sobering talk.  My husband and I are finally (I guess it is
never too late) looking at making big changes in diet, exercise, and choice of
supplements. I think we all know that fruits and veggies are important, but statistics of how important they really are got my attention. Like I said, this is the
summer for focusing on health.  Baby
steps and progress!
Now, make sure you eat fruits and veggies today, and look
over the other blogs from KATIE’S BLOG HOP!
Thursday Favorite Things
Happy Thursday, all!!

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