Friday is the last day for the Paris Party Blog Event and it has been so much fun to read many different
stories of this amazing city.
I have just about exhausted all of
my resources except to tell you about one more elegant blogger who actually
lives in Paris and discusses the lifestyle almost every day….Tish of A femme d un certain age.
I love it when Tish takes her
camera to the streets of Paris and shoots what the women are wearing that
day.  It is easy for her  to find the chic, stylish
women of a certain age , and see how they love SCARVES!  We share that love.  I confessed in THIS POST how many I currently
own.  After I counted, I decided that
every time I want to purchase a scarf, I have to make myself either donate, give away, or
consign one.  Last week, four went away
to the consignment store!!
I feel very “French” when I wear
them!!    So, here’s to scarves…to Tish… to Anita who hosted the Paris Party and
to Paris!!  Have a fabulous weekend, all!

Gigi just experienced a fashion
related injury!!  She found a pair of
fabulous platform shoes at Nordstrom’s Rack, but the first day she had them on,
she fell off the platforms and twisted her foot getting out of a car!!  There are days when all flats look really

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