Anti-Aging Secrets …of Mine!

Blog readers are just the best and sweetest around!  I cannot tell you, how much your sweet
comments meant to me about how I look at 59! 
I will say that in the last four weeks, I have received the most
compliments I can remember getting in a long time about my looks.  The birthday posts led to a few emails asking
me how I do it….how I look younger than 59! 
Well, I am sure there are days that I do not look younger,
but it pleases me no end that some of you think I do.  This summer has been about getting me to look
healthy (and of course, feel healthy). 
In answer to your questions, I will share with you some of my personal
techniques which I have been true to this summer.  These are products and
advice I actually use… and I am not plugging or supporting anything for any
other reason other than I use them….every day! 
I am going to divide this into two posts…maybe three!
#1 The Sun
Yes, the very thing that is said to age us has helped
me!  I was told last year that I had a
serious Vitamin D deficiency and I would need to not only take a supplement,
but also get out in the sun more.  The
advice I was given was to get out into the sun at least 15 minutes for three
times a week and that would be sufficient.  
At the end of the school year I was as white as vanilla ice cream and
the pasty face was looking older. 
Fifteen minutes for three times a week has been perfect to put a toasty,
healthy glow on my skin…the healthy way.
#2  Juice Plus
For months now, my husband and I have tried various food
supplements in an attempt to change some bad reads in the blood tests.  Nothing has really made a difference. So, we
are trying JUICE PLUS, vegetable and fruit supplements.  We are impressed with the studies and
research we have read, so we began Juice Plus one month ago.  I will say that the most significant
difference I notice right now is that I am just not as hungry as I used to
be.  Also, I have more energy and my
complexion looks great.  I will update you
on this occasionally and let you know how it is going.  For right now, I am really glad we are doing
Other habits I have formed for every day:  I only drink water, green tea, others teas, and coffee!
 #3 The Cleansing
At the beginning of summer, my husband and I purchased the OLAY PRO-X ADVANCED CLEANSING SYSTEM and we both love it!  We use it in the evenings and he uses it in
the mornings before he shaves.  I really
think our complexions are brighter and there are far less wrinkles to look at
in the mirror!  It is similar to the
Clarisonic Machine…only cheaper!
That gets us started! 
I will tell you about my face serums and the most amazing EYE TIGHTNER
EVER in tomorrow’s post!
Have a wonderful Thursday and make sure you visit the other
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  1. Thanks Pam for sharing this!! I've been eyeing the Olay cleanser and I value your input so I will now be getting one!!

    I'm with you on the vitamin D and water. I'll check out the juice plus stuff!


  2. Thank you for the great tips. I spend extra time in the sun, too, to get my Vitamin D.
    And you really don't look anywhere near 59!

  3. Wow! How nice to see a post about looking better without it calling for me to mortgage the house! You do look amazing….and I will definitely follow your posts…don't make us hang on the edge of our seats too much! LOL

  4. Pam…I'm happy to read your positive review of the Olay Pro-X! I just bought it yesterday; read your post today. I have been wanting a Clarisonic but it's so expensive that I just couldn't part with the cash. When I saw the Pro-X advertised at a price that makes me smile….I thought about it for all of 2 minutes and got it.

    Can't wait to read tomorrow's post.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this! I also started juice plus recently…about a week ago. I am veggie phobic almost and figured I needed the boost. Do you take a multivitamin as well? I have been interested in the cleansing system myself, but have VERY sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing all your tips. We all want to age beautifully.


  6. These are solid tips. I've started taking Vitamin D in addition to the bits of sunshine I get. And lots of fruits and veggies.

  7. A belated happy birthday Pam and I agree you don't look your age…some fabulous advice here…I think what you eat and drink is so important
    to the ageing process…keep fit and healthy, lovely Pam.
    Thank you for popping by…I'm having problems with my blog being published since changing my blog name…I feel I'm going around in circles with it but hopefully it will be sorted soon, I'm missing my gorgeous followers.
    And thank you for wanting to do a feature on my cashmere poncho's, very kind of you and the Fall would be perfect!
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Darling Pam,

    First of all, THANK YOU for visiting my post! YES, EVERYONE'S LIFE IS A STORY TO TELL! Absolutely. I would love to sit in one of your journalism classes….I love to WRITE!

    Secondly, I believe what you are saying here. I am 54 and I do NOT feel it. I think I am aging well, and I attribute that to good genes AND good choices. A little sun is absolutely essential. FLUIDS such as water (first thing in the morning is perfect to wake you up) and teas.

    JUICES, VEGETABLES in abundance are anti-aging. Eating "live" foods keeps the life in your skin, eye and hair, let alone what is being greatly affected on the inside.

    SHINE ON MY DEAR! You are beautiful. Anita

  9. In the mornings when I log onto my email the first thing I open is over50feeling40. I turned 59 last week and it is so good to see someone my own age looking good and healthy. I have to admit that I am feeling a bit anxious about my next birthday. I remember as a child I thought 60 was so old but I certainly don't feel that way now.

    In my 20's I got quite a bit of sun so I am seeing the damage now but I'm working with it and I do like your hints and Ideas. I think I may got and buy one of those Olay cleansing machines you talked about in this post.

    I love your blog and appreciate all the work you put into it.

  10. i have been flip flopping about the clarisonic
    my question to you about the olay one is this
    does it tug at the skin? the reviews i have read said that this was a plus factor of the clarisonic that it didn't tug on the skin like the olay
    thanks for your input

  11. You look gorgeous, and thanks for sharing your beauty secrets and how you take care of yourself. Vitamin D is so important in preventing a host of illnesses.

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