More Shoes….Loving July Sales…Answering Questions!!

You read it right!! 
$3.23!!  For these cute Dana
Buchman FLATS!  They were originally
$64.99.  I found  them on a clearance rack for $12.99,
during  KOHLS current sale, and I had in
my possession a $10 coupon….VIOLA! $3.23! 
They were the only pair of its kind on the rack and just sitting off to
the side alone…calling my name!
I have loved the July sales for years, because I always make
great finds during that time which work for all seasons.  It is rare that I have enough money to
purchase new pieces at full price for fall, so the July sales give me the
ability to enter a new school year feeling fresh and new.  When I return to work soon, it will be to
begin my 13th year as a journalism teacher….it’s been so much fun!  This is a special year for many reasons and I
plan to enjoy each and every minute!!
Yesterday, Katrina asked how I found flats that fit….well, true confessions, with every pair of shoes I wear (except flip flops) I wear Dr. Scholl’s INSERTS.  I have done this for several years and I wear them for three reasons:
1. Arch Support
2. Comfort
3. Better fit
Actually, sometimes in the Sunday newspaper you can find $3 off coupons for these as well!!
If you head out to shop this week, take every possible
coupon with you because you just do not know what treasure you will

Off to watch the new season of PROJECT RUNWAY!!

Happy Friday all!!  


  1. The shoes are perfect with that scarf! I've never used inserts, but I'm starting to think that I might want to try. Don't they feel bulky?

  2. To be honest, I have never shopped at Kohl's because I could never find anything I liked when I went there years ago. But over the past couple years, I've been tempted to try again, since everyone says they love it, and get great deals, plus they have designers like Dana Buchman, etc. I'm pretty sure you have convinced me to bite the bullet and head on out there! Now I can't wait to go there and find me a fashion steal! Stay tuned for an outfit post on my blog soon 😉

  3. I love the new flats. I often avoid buying them because I imagine they don't provide enough support, but I've never sampled the inserts. And, what an amazing bargain the flats were.

  4. Great buy, I dont wear flats as I find them uncomfortable, but must say I have never thought of wear them with inserts, might give it a go, if I can find a nice bargain like yours. Have a great weekend

  5. I love the scarf- so cute. And of course, the shoes. I wear inserts in my flats and love them.I have one pair of bronze flats that really should be retired, but I keep them because they are unbelievably comfortable with the Dr. Scholls. Sometimes I use them as slippers.

  6. Ooooh, those are so cute! Thanks so much for answering my question and for the tip about the insoles. I used to wear them back when I wore high heeled pumps, but I never thought about trying them for flats. My feet could definitely use some cushioning now!

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