The All Important YES Factor!

Hopefully, we all have outfits in our closets we know will
make us yell a resounding YES!  When we
put them on, we feel confident, joyful, strong and youthful.  My goal is to hit this mark, the YES factor,
at least 90% of the time.
Knit Jacket: Stein Mart
Tank: Chicos
Capri Pants: Talbots
Ballet flats: Target
That is exactly what today’s outfit did for me when I wore
it out to look at wedding dresses with my future daughter-in-law.  It has been awhile that I looked in a mirror
and the YES factor kicked in…but this outfit did it.  You have seen all of these pieces before, but
today is the first time, I put them together! 
I do think it helps that I have been eating a little better and
exercising, so I feel better about myself.  It really doesn’t matter if anyone else thinks this is a good look…what is important is how I feel in it…and I feel great!
Also, I stopped wearing foundation.  I felt like it was ageing me.  I do not know why I was so scared to try this…it
must have been a crutch for a long time. 
But, I really feel like it looks great. 
If you disagree, please tell me below… No, don’t tell me…actually, do
tell me!
Bracelet: Dana Buchman at Kohls
On Tuesday, I will be off to review the fall collection for
W by Worth.  These are fun ladies who
always put on a show for me! 
Finally, I read an interesting article recently about food
which will protect our skin from sun. 
Here is one link (apparently there are several articles about this), but
they discuss how foods like green tea, watermelon, leafy greens, etc. will
protect us from sun damage.  It is what I
learned new this past weekend!! 
Now, go out and have a fabulous Tuesday….and look for something to wear that makes your shout YES!

ALSO, remember the new season of Project Runway begins on July 19!! Can’t wait!


  1. The green and silver really compliment each other, and look great with your hair and eyes. That is a beautiful necklace.

    Funny re no foundation. I left mine off in today's post too – because of a trip to the dermatologist. For adult acne of all things :p but when I do wear it, I try to apply it with a light hand and only to even out redness. I rarely use powder because I also thought it aged me.

  2. The necklace is just so good. And you should have felt like a million in this look. I've never been much of a wearer of make-up. In fact, the last time I wore make-up for my daughter's wedding I thought after seeing the photos that it actually aged me. Plus, I ended up with a blemish that has taken MONTHS to heel. Your face looks radiant to me.

  3. I'm definitely seeing that YES all over you!! Fabulous. I almost never wear foundation. I can't use soap either. My skin is too sensitive. Foundation makes my face feel like it can't breathe. I'm not surprised that you feel good without foundation. I think you still look radiant.

  4. Pam, this is such a fabulous look! I can see why you feel so great in it! I'm totally with you on the foundation…..I gave it up months ago and am SOOOOOO glad I did! I really do think, where makeup is concerned, less is more! Big hug to you Beautiful!!! ~Serene

  5. You look great and I am also with you on the foundation. I just used a high SPF moisturizer – in the winter a lightly tinted version; in the summer plain. Keep remixing those outfits and have fun with your future DIL.

  6. I can see the "yes" all over you, Pam – great look and great radiant smile. I cannot tell whether you are wearing foundation, and I think you look wonderful. I wear a light foundation for work days only, and love letting my face go natural the other days. (Lipstick = forever!)

  7. loving the necklace and tank so much
    still trying to decide if i am hopping on the PR train this time
    i have been so disappointed the last 2 seasons

  8. Pam, First of all, I applaude you for showing up in a great outfit everyday and then posting a picture of yourself in it. You always look fabulous! Thank you for sharing your struggles with us too. And it does make a difference in how you feel when you eat right and are at a healthy weight. Keep on encouraging the rest of us with what you do!

    Happy Tuesday to you!

  9. I so agree about the YES factor!! Isn't it amazing how you feel when you hit that "sweet spot?" And what a fabulous, bold ensemble you've created here! That necklace is stunning, and a real outfit-maker.

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