Perfect autumn morning in Texas…it is pouring rain and cooler. I also have my typical fall allergies causing some discomfort, so I am happy to stick by home today.  I had big blog plans for the day, but I just do not feel like going out.

My favorite looks this week for both Gigi and myself included stepping things up a bit with professional-style!

Though we are both in the fine arts department, it is nice to pull out the classics occasionally.  For chic, you can always depend on great fitting pencil skirts and black suit pieces.  Gigi included a leopard sweater underneath her suit.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday full of autumn scents and memories.  Each day is special…and you can make it that way no matter what is on your calendar!

Enjoy!!  (also, last day to enter the shoe giveaway, click the link in the sidebar.)

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