One Designer With A Rising Star!

Tonight was so much fun!  I attended the grand opening of another boutique for the talented Elaine Turner!  She opened a new location in the stylish Alamo Heights area of San Antonio.

As one of the most successful accessory designers on the fashion scene today, Elaine is rapidly rising to the top with pieces in Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms, Saks, boutiques in several states, and online.

Her work is fabulous and pleases all the senses.  She selects a muse for each season…summer was Elizabeth Taylor and currently for fall, her muse is Ali McGraw.  Elaine desires to take her customers on an emotional journey with her accessories.  “My designs are more about a feeling than words,” she says in a video on her website.

There are many people at this event I want to show you and introduce to you!  Somany fabulous women attended.  So, I will bring you two more posts from tonight.  One will be about The Mother Behind the Designer, and the other will show you who attended and what they wore.

Elaine was there…with her gorgeous long, dark hair…greeting all of her guests and enjoying each moment.  Check out her website, and I will be back with more stories I think you will enjoy!

Happy Friday to everyone!!


  1. Pam how exciting!! I love her flats as well as the second bag in the tobacco leather!
    I named my daughter after Ali's role in Love Story!

    Art by Karena

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