Gigi and I both found yesterday’s post to be very
interesting.  For the most part, we are
all seeking the same things from retailers. 
We just do not see that many meeting our needs.
But, Gigi does have a favorite retailer, and since she always looks so fabulous, I thought you might be interested to know what it is.  One place where she loves to spend her money
and, with each visit in store and online, finds something her heart
desires.  She says the offer her age
appropriate, creative, stylish clothes at great price points.  The service people are not arrogant, but
friendly and helpful.  She is not
embarrassed to walk into the store and feels welcome as a woman in her
“If I bring them problems with an order or size, they fix
them with a smile,” she said.  “And the
clothes not only fit my body…they fit me…who I am… my lifestyle.”  Time is a huge factor for this busy artist
and art teacher.  She says that her
favorite retailer makes her life fun and easy.
Maybe you could guess…but Gigi loves Chico’s!  I will agree…they are one of the best!
Have a great Friday, everyone !  I do have a couple of new giveaways on the
near horizon and will introduce you to a local fashion photographer next week…should be fun!

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