Change over weekend! Clearing out weekend!
I do not have the luxury of a large closet where everything can hang. So the first or second weekend in October, I usually put away the obvious summer items and bring out the cooler weather clothes.  I started the process in September this year, but warm weather discouraged me and set the process back.

This year, I need to be courageous about decisions of what to keep and what to retire.  It is hard for me to send items to the donation pile. Since I began to work for Goodwill, the closet is packed with great jackets like the one I am wearing in the top picture.  But, I also have favorites like the green jacket in the second picture…it was a Chico’s purchase about 20 years ago!  But, there is just no room…so I must gut it up and get rid of some things I have not worn in a long time.  Sigh…so hard to make those decisions.

By the end of this three day weekend, I need to have things more under control. I may get lost under the pile, but I will let you know how it goes!

What are your plans for the weekend??  Have a fabulous one!  (Can you tell I like that red tank??)

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