Champagne taste and a Coca Cola pocketbook….
did anyone else’s parents say this to you growing up?  I heard it so much, the phrase would bring torment to me in my dreams.

So, I find it rather humorous …after two and half years of blogging…I am now a style ambassador for Harper’s Bazaar and an ambassador for Goodwill.  Gotta love it!  That is my life…loving the exquisite world of designer fashion and spending weekends seeking some of those labels in thrift shops.

I have read an occasional blog comment where women get angry about seeing expensive boutiques and runway styles.  For me, visiting beautiful boutiques and sitting at fabulous runway shows is the same as visiting an art museum….I go there to appreciate and glean inspiration from the style and creativity.

Also, now that I have my own personal style more defined, I am more likely to purchase investment pieces…every collection has a tab marked SALE on their site and at times those sale pieces are quite affordable.  And let us not forget, EBAY and Goodwill or Marshalls and Ross for a designer treasure hunt.  At the ripe young age of 59, I can now go more for quality and not quantity….I am going to continue to seek ways to make that happen…but, be assured, I still live in the Coca-Cola pocketbook…so creativity, control and intelligence are required!!
Tomorrow, I am going to take you to one of my favorite boutique discoveries of all time….a place where art and fashion reside in complete harmony!!  (Yes! They have a SALE rack)

Find out where this is….in tomorrow’s post!!
You know I rather like living in between the two worlds!
Today’s Look:
Cape & Skirt: Lane Bryant
Simply Vera Long Sleeve T:Kohls
Enzo Angiolini Boots: Nordstrom Boots

Have a fabulous Monday and make sure you visit the ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE!!!!!

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