One-Sided Arguments!

After reading the title, you probably thought this post is
about the media….or the presidential election…or the economy….but, nope, it is
not that deep! 
One of my daily frustrations is that I just cannot get the
whole me to look the way I want!  I am one
 Elie Tahari Cardigan: Marshalls
Blouse: Goodwill SA
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms
Antonio Melanie Shoes: Dillards
Bow: Really Old
I stand in the mirror each morning to observe that only one
hip is slowly dropping weight….the other one is still its round pleasingly- plump
self!  When I put on makeup, only one
side of my face is  it’s- Mary- Poppins- “practically- perfect- in- every- way” picture of perfection.  The other….well,
it sags, wrinkles, and just doesn’t wear makeup the same way as the other side.  Rarely, does my hair look the same on both
sides…no matter how hard I try!
Usually, I look at my outfit pictures and see that one side
of the outfit is messed up…while the other side looks exactly how I envisioned
it.  Today’s picture features a polka dot
bow with one tie longer than the other.
So, I give up…throw in the towel…accept reality.  I will stop obsessing over the one side which is not (and never will be) perfect and focus on the positives.  I
will accept smiling is easier when I choose to
see what is right and not what is wrong. I will not allow the one-side/off-side of me to rob my joy!  When I look in the mirror, I will first look at the best and not the
worst.  Perhaps, the one side is the
right side after all!

Have a great Thursday….keep smiling!

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    1. Yup, everyone is asymmetrical. If you see computer generated pics of people being completely symmetrical, they look really spooky.

      Keep smiling!


  1. I think that others do not notice our asymmetry! I was shocked to see (via photos) how very different the length of my ears is – my husband had never noticed. You look fresh and chic today and not a thing out of place : >

  2. You always look great and put together so nicely. You need to just go with what you have and accept yourself. On the right side of my head my hair is thicker, I tease it to even it out. I don't even know how to explain my teeth. They look straight only because I am missing a tooth next to my right front tooth, therefore, everything but from my k-nines back are lined up.
    I have learned a lot about myself and my need to put myself together more often, from reading your blog. I retired early, and after about 10 years found myself going out of the house without make-up. That was sure a smack to my head.
    I've found quite a few consignment shops, thrift stores and a good Goodwill. I've found the brands I like (Chico's, Coldwater Creek, Jones, etc.)and I have you and your blog to thank. So, thank you, and quit picking at yourself. lol Blessings Paula

    1. Hi Paula, I am so excited this blog has helped you. Thanks for the great comments. Actually this post is my way of saying that I have come to accept myself. These are issues I have struggled with in the past, but I have learned the smiles and the positives are the best way to start the day!! Sometimes we all tend to see the wrong side first! You are a sweetheart…thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Oh, I have a side like that! Some days I am distraught over just how much sun has taken a toll on the left side of my face versus the right! I'll take your advice and keep smiling, and look at the good! Love the bright polka dots!


  4. Pam, first I want to tell you that your vibrant marigold cardigan is simply beautiful; a perfect compliment to the polka dot bow blouse.
    I have the same issue you speak of; especially when it comes to the way my face doesn't wear makeup on one side the same as the other. I can't get eyeshadow to stay on one lid…but it does on the other. My hair is the same…one side looks pretty the other limp.
    I don't see this on you, though…you always look completely pulled together in your photographs.

  5. Pam, it's so true! I have a new theory….the longer I look at something, the less it works! My initial look in the mirror will be, "This is great!" and then I keep going back and looking at it and analyzing it until I've completely talked myself into doubting! Maybe the lesson is to only take a very quick look!! Hugs to you girly! ~Serene

  6. I have never ever noticed your good/bad sides – you always look stylish and beautiful, and very put together! In fact, if you hadn't brought it up I wouldn't have noticed the asymmetrical bow. I would just have seen a great cardigan that goes so well with your hair colour, and a beautiful polka dot blouse with a bow.

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