Visible Autumn Bridal Shower!

Historically, bridal showers are said to have started in the 1500s
when a couple could not afford a dowry…some say it goes all the way back to
planned marriages in the Middle East when the older women would prepare homes for the
young couples.  Nevertheless, I hope this
is a tradition which will not change…where family and friends help a young
couple get started with their lives together.
Of course, Gigi was there!

Several Mother and Daughter teams attended
My daughter was a co-hostess with me…and future grandson!
 There are many types of showers….even lingerie (blush!)…but
I chose to host a kitchen shower for my future daughter-in-law because I know
how much my son loves food….I kind of created that monster! The theme was
easy….AUTUMN!  It became a natural
decoration and refreshment theme to follow for the fourth day of November.  I hope you will enjoy celebrating with
The beautiful bride- to- be received many wonderful items for
the kitchen and got a great start on her registry dishes. 
Everyone’s favorite wrapping paper came from Target!
Later in the week, I will share with you how to make the pumpkin
cheese ball and the cupcakes…both were ridiculously easy!  Cupcakes from the many cute little cupcake bakeries,
which are all over town, are really expensive, but it was quite affordable to
make my own!
I picked up this idea from other showers…instead of paper plates they use a mixture of different plates
just collected from various places.  I really like this idea!  Gigi added in a few of hers and we had a
nice autumn color mix!
This was a special gathering today of friends who are really
family and I know it blessed my son and his fiancé tremendously!
Yes, I know, I forgot to light the pine cone candles on the buffet table…oh well, just cannot think
of everything!!
HAVE A WONDERFUL AUTUMN MONDAY AND make sure you visit the
ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY!!  Whew…now I’m off to get some rest!


  1. I love the pic of you and Gigi, and all the mother-daughter pics as well. You put together a wonderful event, Pam! Thanks for sharing the fun with Visible Monday.

  2. I've never been to or had a bridal shower, so when my tribe get hitched I'll be running to you for advice because you did a beautiful job:)). Your daughter is stunning in her lace frock with that glorious mane of hair and the b-to-b looks and absolute keeper – what a sweetie:). Oh the shoes took my breath away and I'll be waiting for the cheesy pumpkin recipe. xo

  3. I must have missed that you'll be a Grandmother!

    Great looking party. I too have a collection of mis-matched plates, mine are all blue/white, that I pull out for buffet-type parties. They sit on laps much more securely than paper.

    DIL-to-be will have to adjust to the prospect of being blog-fodder. It'd be enough to have me checking my lipstick before walking in the door.

  4. I have never been to a bridal shower as we don't do this here in Europe. As we have lived together for years before we married (and both had our own appartment before we moved together) we had tons of stuff to get rid of and didn't need any more gifts for our kitchen 🙂

    What we (Germany) do: we invite friends and neighbours and colleagues – also people who won't come to the wedding reception – for a "Polterabend", that is a party some days before the wedding. Everyone brings old china and throws it. The couple has to clean up and show that they work together good as a team.

  5. I'm sure this is just a tradition in the USA as we never did it in England & I've now lived in France for 23 yrs & I've not heard of it. All presents are given on the wedding day, or some times money is pinned to the bottom of the brides dress. It certainly looked as if all the Mums & daughters were having a great time together at the shower you gave to your sons lovely bride to be. Loved the look of the pumpkin cheese…so glad you will be posting the recipe later, don't leave it too long.

  6. I loved the look of your pumpkin cheese ball and I'm glad it's ridiculously simple! The dish idea is great. I hate eating off of and drinking from paper and styrofoam.
    There is bound to be a bridal shower in the near future for my family too. My only daughter got engaged Saturday. The challenge? She'll be living in Peru!

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