During episode two of Project Runway All Stars, controversial designer, Wendy Pepper, was voted off for this look:

When she was critiqued, by guest judge Rafe Totengco, a handbag designer for Nine West, she was told, “I do not know where to look. I do not have a place for my eye to go.”   This was a shoe challenge where the designers were allowed to select a pair of Nine West fun, party shoes and design a party outfit to go with the shoes.  Totengco was kinder than I might have been…when I looked at this outfit I just thought, “how unfortunate.”  But, it did remind me that when you have a fun pair of shoes, perhaps they need to be the star of the outfit.

I kept this in mind when I wanted to wear these shoes, and I made sure the outfit was simple so that eyes would go to the shoes!!!  I got these on a clearance rack about five summers ago and I truly love the shoe…though I do not wear them often.  Amidst the taupe background is a pattern with red, green, purple, gold, and silver.

Project Runway All Stars will be on Thursday night and in the meantime you  might visit all of the fabulous bloggers on Thursday at Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop!  


Have a warm and cozy Thursday, all!!

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