I absolutely love cold weather!  We finally have experienced a few days,
including freezing temperatures, in South Texas.  I love the feeling when I walk outside and
have the refreshing cool air hit my face. 
I love to breathe in the air, which feels so clean and tingly, and fill my
lungs full to the brim.

I also love wearing neutrals!!  Black, brown, gray!!
All clothing: Lane Bryant
Scarf: Madden at Stein Mart
Boots: Ross

But….and it is a big BUT….here is my problem.  When we have a cold front here, there is
immense over reaction.  We are not
accustomed to cold weather…we also do not know how to drive in rain or snow!!

The over- reaction comes in the form of hiking up the
heat!!   The majority of our high school
faculty is composed of middle aged women and if they feel as I do, the claustrophobia
begins to set in immediately.  My
fashionable winter scarf suddenly grabs me around the throat and begins to
strangle as if it were a predator sneaking from behind to pounce!  All seasonal fun goes out the window!   This middle aged lady and heaters do not MIX!
It’s been a long time since Mrs. Joy joined
us on this blog…but she’s baaaaack!
We just had to share this gorgeous cardigan
she purchased at Tuesday Morning!  I love
the collar!
I do control my thermostat, but I also teach pencil thin
little girls who come in from the cold freezing and just do not understand how
I can be hot!  “You’ll understand some
day,” I sigh and “may you remember this moment.”

Have a Fabulous Friday!! 
It is college graduation day for my Texas Aggie (home of Johnny
Football!)!!  That’s two college diplomas
down and one to go!!

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