If You Can’t Stand the Heat….

I absolutely love cold weather!  We finally have experienced a few days,
including freezing temperatures, in South Texas.  I love the feeling when I walk outside and
have the refreshing cool air hit my face. 
I love to breathe in the air, which feels so clean and tingly, and fill my
lungs full to the brim.

I also love wearing neutrals!!  Black, brown, gray!!
All clothing: Lane Bryant
Scarf: Madden at Stein Mart
Boots: Ross

But….and it is a big BUT….here is my problem.  When we have a cold front here, there is
immense over reaction.  We are not
accustomed to cold weather…we also do not know how to drive in rain or snow!!

The over- reaction comes in the form of hiking up the
heat!!   The majority of our high school
faculty is composed of middle aged women and if they feel as I do, the claustrophobia
begins to set in immediately.  My
fashionable winter scarf suddenly grabs me around the throat and begins to
strangle as if it were a predator sneaking from behind to pounce!  All seasonal fun goes out the window!   This middle aged lady and heaters do not MIX!
It’s been a long time since Mrs. Joy joined
us on this blog…but she’s baaaaack!
We just had to share this gorgeous cardigan
she purchased at Tuesday Morning!  I love
the collar!
I do control my thermostat, but I also teach pencil thin
little girls who come in from the cold freezing and just do not understand how
I can be hot!  “You’ll understand some
day,” I sigh and “may you remember this moment.”

Have a Fabulous Friday!! 
It is college graduation day for my Texas Aggie (home of Johnny
Football!)!!  That’s two college diplomas
down and one to go!!


  1. congrats to the son
    what a great accomplishment
    i am going through menopause, but i am not really having hot flashes, but more like cold flashes…i am cold all the time, weird huh?

  2. Lovely, lovely scarf. Ditto for Mrs. Joy's ruffled sweater.

    We North Carolinians do not know how to drive in wintry conditions either, which I usually handle by staying home 😛

  3. It is always so hard dressing for a cold climate… I have now learned (the 'hot and cold' way) to wear light layers underneath a heavier coat.. Thick sweaters just don't work with central heating… 🙂
    Happy Christmas Pam… xv

  4. I'm with you, Vicki. I've begun to buy lightweight knits so that I have the warmth when I need it, but can take things off when I'm inside somewhere warm. It's so horrible to be sweating to death and not be able to get cool. Yuck. My only problem is that I keep finding big, thick sweaters that I love. They have such "cozy and comfy" connotations for me.

  5. I sit near the loading dock, great job huh, and it's chilly, even for a middle-aged lady. Scarves are the best because they can come on and off easily.

  6. You would love it here. The sun is shining, frost is on everything. I just wrapped a sled for my granddaughter and we are wishing for snow. But when Christmas leaves us, most of us wish for the snow to leave, too. Your scarf is really nice. Is it an infinity scarf?

  7. When I go to yoga class there is always someone wanting to turn up the heat. I am usually roasting by the time class is over. We keep our house cold (65 to 67F) so I prefer it colder. We have had little cool weather this winter and I am ready for some colder air. It doesn't seem like winter when you can go out and about without a coat.

    As to people complaining about being cold, it is easier to put on more clothing. You can only take off so much!

    Your outfit looks very chic.

  8. Gorgeous scarf, Pam! I wish we could wear scarves like this here (in Florida). But there is no way we can do it even in December. 70 degrees here today (Dec, 14. So I'll stick to my silk scarves: silk is comfortable whatever the weather is. It provides us with the perfect "thermo regulation"!
    Enjoy the cool weather 🙂
    Anne (Playing with Scarves)

  9. I stay cold all the time so I love a nice scarf I like it like 80 in my house my hubby likes it at like 70 lol I win most the time 🙂
    Oh and did I say how great you look Pam as always.

  10. If you like the cold, come on up to Canada for a visit! There's a bite to the air and when you breathe it in, it freezes in your nostrils! No way to explain what that feels like… you just have to experience it. Boots are definitely one of winter's redeeming factors though. I love them too.

  11. Beautiful scarf, Pam! And I love boots, too. It's tough when all the fashions are for boots, tights, scarves, and it's just not that cold. I couldn't get by at work without layers and a desk fan. In fact, I carry a folding fan in my purse and am not embarrassed to use it in restaurants and stores.

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