Le Metier de Beaute and Larre!

When Le Metier de Beaute invited me to Neiman Marcus at The Shops of La Cantera, I expected to discover an exquisite line of beauty
products.  What I did not expect was to
discover an equally exquisite product specialist in Larre Foulkes.  Larre is our own physician to the women of San Antonio….just
waiting in Neiman’s to help us discover our best selves.
I did my research before the appointment, so I knew this
beauty line was created by women for women and often improved by listening to
its customer’s desires and suggestions, but experiencing the product line is a
must and that placed me in the capable hands of Larre.   He came to San Antonio through his work at
Bergdorf Goodman’s in NYC.  During my
makeup removal, I learned he loves New York; tears up over his time working side by side with iconic fashion designer Halston; and he never misses a live performance with Liza Minnelli!!
Larre assists Dana, one of his regular customers, with selecting a new lip color.  
He is one busy man…during my time with him, customers were
stopping by to grab a hug or ask a question, and his phone was ringing with
customer needs.  One of his faithful,
Dana, even stayed to watch Larre do my makeover.  We both agreed that he must write a beauty
book…he is full of beauty tips to give confidence to the woman over 50.  Being in our age bracket, gives him
understanding about all we go through when facing a mirror each day.
Instant results with the skincare line.
While he exfoliated, peeled, and toned my skin, he also did
the same to my hand in order for me to see the instant difference.  Gigi can tell a difference between my two
hands even today…three days away from the treatments!  The toner accented with lavender and cinnamon
is fabulous and even works to tighten as well…something I need every day.  In a short time, with very little product, my
skin felt as smooth as it does after receiving a facial at a spa.  In fact, it was the same relaxing experience with Neiman’s providing a choice of water or wine while sitting through the makeover.
I met Corky when I first arrived.  She is new to the line, but ended up
purchasing from the eye and lip selections!  She has gorgeous skin
He knew I was scheduled to meet two designers in store
afterwards, so Larre made sure I looked amazing.  He selected colors for eyes and cheeks I
would not have picked and the results made me wonder why I had never worn the colors before. 
The foundation had the same instant absorption as a tinted moisturizer.  From skin care to makeup, this line requires
very little product to accomplish the tasks and several items have multiple
  I highly recommend the line, and
if you are in the area….you must go see Larre!!  Email me if you would like his phone number and be sure to tell him over50feeling40 sent you his

For the holidays, you might want to try out there nail holiday colors…highly pigmented, and long lasting.  I really like

Nail Holiday…Christmas Town

Nail Holiday….Tinsel Town

And to wear on our eyes….Bauhaus Eye Kit from Fall 2012:

Axiom: Sublime bronzed umber
Graphic: Silver liquid metal
Crucible: rich pomegranate
Genre: deep gun metal

Have a beautiful Tuesday everyone!!


  1. Oh, so glad to read this post! I was also contacted to meet them at a NM of my choosing. I've not had a chance nor the time to set up the appointment yet but I'm looking forward to it now. When do you find the time?? You are a super woman!

  2. PAM…..OMGOSH you are just a brilliant star yourself! You could light up the town with that smile and those BLUE EYES!!!!!!!

    What a fun day this must have been my dear. WHAT FUN! ANd bless this artist who can make a woman feel so beautiful and enhance the beauty she already has.

    Thank you for visiting and BLESSINGS TO YOU OUT IN TEXAS! Anita

  3. How wonderful to have such a make over, a real treat. I love buying make up (VIP at Sephora!!) but somehow am terrible at putting make up on or just runs out of the house in the morning without attending to my eyes…

  4. Oh sweetie what a terrific post. I enjoyed it all and the photos are terrific and you look lovely my friend ( but you always do). I wish I could stop by at see Larre. I will just have to hope he writes that book. xo

  5. that is like a kid in a candy store
    oh fun to go and play in all of that lovely make up
    i sure hope dude does right a book for women over 50!!
    so, he is saying to put on eye make up even before foundation????

  6. They had a nail polish color a couple of years ago in a rose gold color that I would love to have, but missed out on it. I understand that their polish is fabulous. We do not have that line here, but I wish we did. I'd love to sample it. You look fabulous, just glowing.

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