Saturday was one dreary day…I looked out my window into the
drizzle and fog and thought, “There has got to be a way to find some fun!”  So, as we said in college…ONWARD THROUGH THE

I decided to begin with a pop of color out of the gray.  This trench was a recent thrift store find
and when I first put it on, I tried it with a white blouse underneath.  But, I still felt dreary. That was when my
eye fell upon this blouse, in my closet, from Foxcroft Collection.  Together, the stripes and the circles seemed
to be the right mix of visibility I was looking for.   My Talbot’s black pants from last year were
perfect to pair with the shirt and jacket….the darker circles on the jacket are actually black and not navy.
But, the fun did not stop there.  I asked Gigi if she wanted to take in some
local color at LOCAL COFFEE…an aromatic neighborhood coffee shop one of my
students has lobbied me to give it try.  He
would say, “Starbucks is so predictable…go to Local Coffee!”  Since I was visiting a new location, I tried
a new blend and it was amazing…I drank it black with no additions and was pleased to find it smooth and flavorful.   Gigi could be seen through the drizzle in her
fabulous gold ensemble with leopard pants.   Together, we took a powerful stand against
Finally, we headed off to spend our Saturday with family,
and, of course, by the time I got home, the sun appeared and burned off the
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and make sure you visit the
not-dreary-at-all ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY!! and THRIFTERS ANONYMOUS LINK UP and MONDAY MINGLE!!!!
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