We really should not be surprised that when it comes to our
, the majority of us tend to think more negatively than
positively.  Our owner’s manual should
come with a warning about emotions.  Something like this:
PLEASE BE AWARE….This woman comes with insecurities and
unexplained tears due to bad hair days, bad complexion days, muffin tops,
wrinkles, age spots,  sagging, chipped
nails, bunions, calluses, unwanted hair, and overall body issues.
RED LIGHT WARNING….all of the above is exaggerated during
operational time known as MENOPAUSE!
Our insecurities drive us to believe all kinds of
things.  For some reason, I have believed
that I do not look good in pastels. 
However, I look at this outfit and think well it is not so bad.  Gigi is constantly telling me that she has
wonky legs and her legs don’t look good in slim leg pants…I think they look fierce in
this outfit!
I learned from WHAT NOT TO WEAR a long time ago, that we
should always try on the clothes we think will not look good, because often we
are pleasantly surprised.  I know beyond
a shadow of a doubt, there are items and colors which do not look good on me,
but now I try them on first before I say that.
My daughter picked these up on sale at Anthropologie!  She loves them!
You are not going to see me in pastels very
often, but after trying them on in the last year, I will no longer shun them.
Is there a garment or color you stay away from that maybe
you should just try?  It costs no money
to try things on!!
Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!!

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