Today, I am joining in with a group of fun, amazing Boomers, Generation Fabulous, to discuss our worst fashion moment.  I
wish I only had one bad fashion moment. 
Actually, it is more like bad fashion decades.   When I was twelve, my mother cut my hair to
resemble a style from the show My Little
…I shudder to think about it. 
The school picture was seen in boy’s lockers with chewed gum wads stuck
all over it for years. I am so sorry to admit that most of college was spent in
overalls, and early career days were spent in ignorance…I just had no one to
assist me with style.
I arrived at my high powered advertising agency job in
ultra- fashionable Dallas in the late 70s. 
My female manager studied me slowly head to toe (much like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada) and said, “Tomorrow
we give you clients, today we shop.” 
Then I was whisked away to NorthPark Center where in Neiman Marcus I met
my first pair of $150 heels.
My typical wardrobe…over sized men’s shirts!
Late in life, I would leave the career world to become a
stay at home mom and put fashion on the shelf in order to fulfill new roles as carpool
mom…team mom…homeroom mom…and supportive wife. 
As years passed, I neglected me for so long I forgot to even notice what
was going on.  Morning mirror time was
not spent looking at my reflection, but rather spent planning the day ahead for
a family of five. Once I stopped caring about my appearance, it was easy to neglect my weight gain as well. Between 1986 – 2003, my appearance and
confidence slowly eroded until the day I turned 50.
Even stole my husband’s camo-overalls!!
I was annoyed that day…one more errand to run…I was working
by that time as a school teacher and still overseeing my family.  Long lines at the Department of Public Safety
were not worth personal grooming time. 
But, really for seventeen years, nothing had been worth taking time for
me.  There I stood…no makeup; scraggly
gray/blonde hair pulled back as it always was; wearing an over sized man’s polo shirt;
and over sized elastic- waist- mom- shorts topped with a side of flip flops (of
course, no pedicure).
It would be two weeks later when this picture arrived on my
license.  It was a jolt.  I did not know this woman.  Where had the advertising executive in the
Manolo Blahniks gone?   This was a
significant wake-up call which changed my life and in 2012 resulted in the
birth of my blog.  I still do not wear Manolo
Blahniks…. (Bunion surgery and callouses demand a life of cute, fun flats)…but
I do take time for me and I am more joyful, more confident, and having the time
of my life.  I am sure I still make
fashion mistakes, but at least now I am paying attention when I do.  Life is just too short not to care about me.
Come back tomorrow and I will tell you about this outfit!!
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Have a Fabulous Monday!!

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