I suppose most of us remember the moment.  Movie making history.  Vivian Leigh, as Scarlett O’Hara, is at the
end of her rope…..she has endured so much; yet, remains to be the strength of
her family and the hope for her beloved plantation Tara.  She needs support and she needs it fast, so
she must look her best…beautiful and confident. 
Yet, there is no money in the till for a new dress…barely even for
food.  That is when her eyes fall upon…the
curtains!   With beautiful deep green
velvet and a little help from Mammy, Scarlett is able to go out with confidence
in her pocket.   Lack of funds, dirty
hands, haggard face will not shut her determination down.
I sometimes believe my modern day curtain is simply Goodwill.  Though funds are tight, I can
often go to Goodwill and come out feeling confident and looking as though I
spent the big bucks.  Maybe I am facing a
special occasion, I can always find something at Goodwill SA which
will meet my need.  Whining about money
will only make me bitter and I can’t accomplish anything wearing bitterness; so
going to Goodwill and discovering a confident look will help take me forward.
Chicos jacket #1
Recently, I stopped in my favorite location at Bitters Road
and Highway 281.  I left there with three
jackets from Chicos, one of my favorite stores, and a great silk black
blouse.   These are pieces I will be able
to wear many times and style many different ways.
If you would like to know how ridiculously inexpensive the
accessories are, then please come back tomorrow.  Until then, keep your eyes off the curtains
and go to your local Goodwill ….where your purchases and donations help your
local community.   Just remember Carol
Burnett when she parodied Scarlett in her curtain dress with a big curtain rod
running through the shoulders…..no one wants to look like that!!
Chicos jacket $2
Chicos jacket #3
Then, fiddle dee de, don’t think about it tomorrow, go visit
the wonderful ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY  and MONDAY MINGLE   and  THRIFTERS ANONYMOUS today!!

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