Adequate or Fabulous…

What Not to Wear on Thursday night featured a forty-year-old
doctor, mother of three, assistant with her children’s dance studio named KATHY.  She was so busy caring for
others, she neglected herself and wore many types of pajama pants for all kinds
of events.   The way she decided what to
wear every day was to look in the mirror and see if the clothes were
Kathy wants her daughters to feel like powerful women!!
Of course, Stacy and Clinton worked their magic and took
Kathy from ADEQUATE to a point where she looked in the mirror and said, “I look
fabulous.”  I remember those days all too
well, when I did not care about Pam.  I
did not think ADEQUATE when I got dressed….I thought OK, THIS WILL DO.    For the past nine years, I have taken
myself to a point where I look in the mirror every day, smile, and say
It is amazing when you go from adequate to your own
definition of fabulous, how you will stand up straighter, smile more, and feel
like taking on ….anything!   I am still older and overweight…but that is not what I look at every morning.  I dress to enhance the good parts, and hide
the challenging parts.  I look to see if
I am communicating the messages I want to send. 
Also, negative self-talk is self-defeating!   I am strong and powerful!
If I were to ever think ADEQUATE now….I would start again….or  just stay home!
What makes you feel fabulous when you put it on?  I hope all of you can discover some FABULOUS
in your life this weekend!  Have a good


  1. I try to feel fabulous from the inside out, and let the inner sun shine.
    Happy weekend and MANY skirts, my dear Pam.
    I bet you think of me when you see a skirt, LOL

  2. I can understand shooting for "adequate." I have mornings where getting out the door, on time, is a huge challenge. I need a wardrobe full of items that are adequate for heading out to work. That doesn't mean that they're wrinkled, ill-fitting, or styles that were current 15 years ago!

    I think a lot of times Stacy and Clinton's make-overs have let their "adequate" bar fall right through the floor.

  3. It' so sad that people don't think it's worth the effort to dress nice every day. Of course it doesn't have to be very fashionable or expensive, just with a bit of care to cut and colours. I know or a fact that it changes how you feel about yourself!

    Your outfit is elegant as always, and the bracelet is very beautiful!

  4. I agree on everything – and I definitely agree on that you look fabulous! I can't remember seeing you wear headbands before, it really suits you! I suppose it depends on the day what makes me feel fabulous, but having my thin Scandinavian blow dried by a hair dresser is always a winner. Unfortunately, it not very often and when I do, it just stay like that for one day, maximum two days.

  5. I feel fabulous when I make the effort to do my hair and makeup. Since I work from home, that's not always a priority – but if I'm leaving the house, I pretty much always make sure to "put my face on" beforehand. As for my clothing – a good pair of jeans (my faves or NYDJ) and a nice top will always work – and on a more personal level, I always feel good putting on my wedding ring 🙂

  6. The hairband looks really good on you! And you always look so well put together, right down to your shoes and fabulous jewelry.

    Sometimes it's just one thing for me, like a great scarf or belt, that takes things beyond "adequate." Accessories can make all the difference.

  7. I love Clinton and Stacy to pieces, even tho' hubby can't stand them. I think they transform women into really beautiful people who look appropriate for the lives they life, and teach them so much about emphasizing their best features.

    You look so lovely, that I never think old or overweight until you mention it, and then I dismiss it immediately because that's not what I see. I see a confident, happy, well-dressed woman in her prime.

    I always feel sensational if I've taken the time to pick something that flatters me figure, and if I've taken extra care with my eye make-up. Oh, and if my hair is in good shape and is fiery red 🙂

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